23rd Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet

The “Who are you wearing?” question is back, but with this red carpet, we had moments where we wished we never asked. And apparently, some felt color-deprived during the Golden Globes and had the urge to show up looking like unicorns. We’ll explain later… But let’s just start on the ‘better note.’



Angelina Jolie


Angelina seemed so into the ostrich feathers trend that she had to do it again. In white this time. But we can’t deny how gorgeous she looked (as if she never was?).  

Gal Gadot


Wonder Woman on screen and on carpet. #Love

Emma Roberts

Giorgio Armani

Loving the dress, but we’re hoping that thing on her forehead was an extension.

Jessica Biel

Oscar de la Renta

As usual her hair and make up looks flawless as usual, but after the Golden Globes Jessica decided to have a DIY project with her little boy and we love it.


Reese Witherspoon


We just don’t get it? All we had to say once we saw this was ‘WTF?’. This looks more Macy’s than Prada.

Kaley Cuoco

We don’t think the 2nd highest-paid tv actress should look like this? Step up your game woman.

Susan Kelechi Watson


We do love her, but FIT is everything & we’re not getting it here…AT ALL.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Was this a joke? Because it sure does look like one.

Kiernan Shipka


Another Delpozo fail. Three colors of tulle and a loofah? Oh hell no.

Kate Bosworth

Brock Collection

We love lace don’t get us wrong, but seems like Katy had a little excess fabric and decided to stick it as a brooch… On her waist.

Margot Robbie


Harley Quinn escaped prison yet again…

Diane Kruger

Vera Wang

Even she knew her dress was an odd choice. She had to wear two attached together…

Olivia Munn


That chandelier should’ve stayed in your living room. Sorry.

Nicole Kidman

Hot pink turned hot mess…

Chris Sullivan

Something seems a little fishy, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…