Arabs Do It Better: Street Style Edition

By now you’ve probably figured out we’re into #AllThingsArab- the hype is undeniable! And we equally feed off the Arab stereotypes: Babe Abgha Birkin! #Arabmoney #BlingEverywhere .. & while usually, we’re all about proving such notions wrong; today we want to celebrate them!

So here’s our #Streetstyle/Report: ARAB INFLUENCER EDITION! Warning: The designer labels may cause major insta-envy, but if it’s any consolation: All except the Zara is borrowed… yeah, it doesn’t make us feel any better either! Once it’s posted, might as well toss the outfit out anyway!


NATHALIE FANJ – @nathaliefanj



The Lebanese hot mama, mother of two, combines bright colors and designer clothes for a very venetian take on fashion. Current moms, you have no excuses, she just had a baby.. like yesterday..


FATIMA ALAWADHI – @justfatema


Oh hello! Our #SDFashionSquad Kuwaiti babe is here! Who said hijab-wear had to be boring? Even when she went to Milan, American Vogue couldn’t help but snap the girl (and this was way before regional magazines started covering hijab girls). She was one of the first, and still is one of the best!

DANA HOURANI – @dana.hourani


Dana is your typical insta-hipster. Complete with a soundcloud link and jarring frames. Follow her if you sick of turbans and bright pastels. Here’s our fashion dark horse!

NEGIN MIRSALEHI – @negin_mirsalehi


We don’t know what to envy – her gorgeous face (throw in hot bod in there) her boyfriend of 11 years – who hilariously take notes each runway show btw .. or her dog that we’re planning on kidnapping very soon.. This Iranian fashion blogger/entrepreneur is giving us all #bossgirl vibes!

ABDULLA ALABDULLA – @theeabdulla


“YUUUHMM!” – quoting from the man himself, Abdullah continuous to give us delicious fashion sense on the table! Keep going boo, we’re very interested..

TAMARA ALGABBANI – @tamaraalgabbani


Tamara’s colorful outfits perfectly match her colorful personality. And that pink coat with hearts deserves a double tapped IG version .. <3 #SDFashionSquad for life!

KAREN WAZEN BAKHAZI – @karenwazenb


It seems that this season this mommy of three is taking me time to an entire new level. Focusing on her with an edgier cut & bolder look, we’re definitely impressed! Oh and is that cleavage we’re seeing? 😉 –  This is how an off-duty mama should look! No excuses ladies.. Btw who’s the third person always taking shots of her & her husband … just curious – where can we find someone like that to hire?

OLA FARAHAT – @olafarahat



All we can say is.. this fashion queen puts the Ola in Oh La La! Whether dressing as a chic rocker, a 90s bombshell, or in an off-duty model millennial vibe, she can slay in anything! The girl loves to product-place herself, and when it looks good, why not?

YOUSRA ZEIN – @hayekk_


Our #SDFashionSquad ranger Yousra Zein isn’t your typical modest blogger, mixing elegance, comfort, & edginess, this Tunisian fashion blogger has a lot to offer! – Seen here in Saudi brand Utruj #totallybiased

LAMA ALAKEEL – @lama.alakeel


Lama AlAkeel, our own Saudi stunner knows how to add a little twist for #MAJORDRAMA – what more can we ask for in Shoes & Drama 😉 ..

LANA ELSAHELY – @lanaelsahely


Lana AlSahley is the type of kick-ass blogger that doesn’t just casually slay the September issue of Marie Claire Arabia, but the streets of every fashion capital as well. Mixing the hard and soft PERFECTLY .. this Egyptian goddess knows how to give us major fashion inspo! More power to you babe!



Slimi puts us all girls to shame. Always a bad-ass. Ugh! As if this industry needed more competition ..

AMINA MUADDI – @aminamuaddi


Moroccan mega babe Amina Muaddi can literally turn a simple piece into the most chic outfit on any best-dressed list out there! This beauty definitely knows how to amp it up. Founder of the “it” shoe label Oscar Tiye, she’s giving us literal perfection from head to-toe .. and well deserved insta-envy we must say..

NOUR ARIDA – @nouraridaofficial


Having “Fashion Buyer” in you resumé is proof enough that your have exquisite taste; but when it comes to Nour, we really don’t need further investigation.. #LovinIt

DIALA MAKKI – @dialamakki


Well, well, well..! Diala Makki is the one all the girls want to be, and all the guys want to date. She isn’t just a contributing author to Marie Claire Arabia, but to our personal wardrobes as well!   With sexy outfits and unapologetic confidence, this girl rocks the streets every season!

WISSAL – @beauty.of.sight


This young blogger based in Milan is a well representative of a fashionable Saudi girl! Her insta name says it all.. Wissal definitely is serving us fashion #eyecandy ! #Brains&Beauty