Exclusive collaboration: Edgardo Osorio x Salvatore Ferragamo

The perfect pair The Edgardo Osorio for Salvatore Ferragamo collection is the perfect, modern twist on the true spirit of Salvatore Ferragamo… James Ferragamo, Women’s Leather Product Director of fine footwear brand, Salvatore Ferragamo has set out to highlight the house’s long-standing commitment to promoting young talent, while honouring the legacy of its founder’s creative innovation — namely his arrival in Hollywood […]

Mariah Idrissi: H&M’s First Hijabi Model

H&M’s newly debuted video, ‘Close The Loop’, that showcases their new collection, backs up the idea of breaking all the fashion stereotypes and rules, boldly stating that no one should abide by any ‘rules’ of fashion, or feel the need to dress according to the liking of a person or society. With this message in mind, they’ve created visuals we don’t see quite often in the fashion […]


New luxury is all about the appreciation and enjoyment of genuine craftsmanship. This quality is put centre stage during August as Harrods celebrates Made with Love. Every floor of the store will showcase pieces that have been specially conceived for the campaign; many are limited editions or one-of-a-kind pieces. Top of the list are the world’s most desirable bags: exclusive […]

Braid Raid

BRAID RAID! Braids are everywhere you turn these days. When you’ve been too busy to wash your hair for a few days, have no fear, as braids hold even better a few days after being washed. Additionally, braids have infinite possibilities. The best part is, there are tutorials all over the internet,, and they usually turn out to be simpler […]