A Vogue Reminder

Screaming “YEEEES EDWARD!!!! ” this morning (and spilling coffee on my Abaya – after the driver hit the car breaks in panic) is well… kind of worth it. But in my defense, I needed a warning before seeing this, and maybe the driver needed one even more. As a 90s kid, I couldn’t relate much to the thrill of excitingly […]

Millennial Pink Goes Dark!

FFWD Dubai got us feeling like French girls in Paris again! Red was literally everywhere this season; all the way from Verscace’s runway in Milan to Mohanad Kojak’s in Dubai. We’re guessing its #MillenialRed now? 😉 Check out our favorite luscious looks in this season’s IT color!  

The Actual Reviews: FFWD Edition

Undeniably, us Arabs love to secretly bash anything Arab… blame the innate Mean Girl inside each of us, but for some reason we love to hold our people to a higher more critical standard. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that when the reviews started “pouring in” (I think SD and Khaleeji Times are the only ones who actually write […]

Bella Hadid Is 21 Years Old Today—Revisit 21 of Her Best Runway Moments of 2017

People often say your 21st birthday is the last one you really look forward to. At 16, you can drive; at 18, you’re able to vote; and at 21, you can legally drink (in the U.S., at least). But even if you’re not hitting the bottle, turning 21 has come to mark the beginning of real-deal, no-turning-back adulthood. Most of […]

Final Fashion Roast: PFW Edition

Au Revoir Fashion month! it’s been good – sometimes.With Paris being our final gossip destination amidst all the craziness of this season, we’re here to deliver you our finale fashion roast! Yes.. we know you’ll miss our reviews, but we’ll be back very soon.. until then! 😉 Balenciaga   Allow us to transcribe our literal reactions during the show: “What […]