Unveiling the artistry of fragrance, McQueen Parfum is for the woman who blooms in the dark. Inspired by the craftsmanship of Haute Perfumerie, the scent is made from the precious essence of three night-blooming flowers. McQueen Eau De Parfum takes a vintage spirit and gives it a stunningly modern architecture. It’s top notes are spices – black pepper, clove and […]

How To Choose The Right Blonde For Your Skin Tone

We all want to have a perfect shade of blonde hair every time we go out and flip it like’s there’s no tomorrow, But sometimes it’s not the reality that is happening to our crowning glory, just like Chloe Kardashian’s hair that no matter how hard you try to re-color it you just cannot have everything you want.. A more predictable […]

MAC Match Master

Matchmaster BEAUTY_300

People nowadays are more concern on having a soft and flawlessly finish skin to get that perfect Selfie post for their Instagram and Snaps well i don’t think that you will earn  hundreds of likes with that kind of mentality. The last thing that we wanna do is look like Angelina Jolie when her foundation doesn’t match with her skin during […]

Men’s Eid WishLUST

Men’s Eid WishLUST Who says that only women get all the pampering during Eid? Getting all dolled up for Eid is for everyone – don’t be afraid men, indulge yourselves as well. House of Cards Cuff Links as worn by Frank Underwood. These are definitely statement cuff links. The chic Saudi brand Thamanyah presents its Stretch Merino Wool Burqa Hat ; […]

Eid WishLUST

Sophia Webster Shoes Sophia Webster’s masterpiece from her Pre AW15 collection is a treasure worth the investment! Dolce and Gabbana Bag This Dolce and Gabbana bag is absolutely gorgeous and will definitely turn heads! Million Dollar Tan Shade Upgrade Since it’s summer and most of us are getting darker, save up on buying a dozen shades of foundation and go […]