Genes or Wasta: From Liam Gallagher’s Boy to Cindy Crawford’s Doppelganger Daughter, Designer Runways Debut Celebrity Offspring

Looking through this season’s SS18 runways gives one the sense of a “bring your kid to work” vibe – red carpet style, of course. And yes, Kendall & Gigi, you both definitely need to worry! Some of these entitled kids actually know how to walk!

Lily-Rose Depp: 18


The gorgeous 5 ft 3 daughter of  teen-heartthrob-turned-Hollywood-royalty, Johnny Depp, & actress/singer and Chanel muse, Vanessa Paradis, didn’t walk for and become the face of Chanel by coincidence. Given her petite figure, she was unlikely to be signed by any modeling agency. But that’s what connections (and Uncle Karl) are for, no?  


Kaia Gerber: 16


At 5 ft 9 in (and still growing!), Kaia may not have inherited her mom’s signature beauty mark like her older, model brother… but she did  inherit every other supermodel feature from her momma, including never ending legs and #TBT 80’s eyebrows! Side note, she’s been our #WCW since she was 14! This girl was born to model!


Anais Gallagher: 17


The daughter of musician Noel Gallagher was literally described as ‘her dad in a wig-” and we’re not sure that’s a good thing. Just like fellow celebrity model, Lily-rose, Gallagher’s 5 ft 4 height would have never qualified her to model – & she knows it. Recently, Anais, who modeled earlier for Dolce & Gabbana, admitted that if it wasn’t for her father, she would’ve never kicked off her modeling career. #WASTA confessed.


Lady Amelia Windsor: 22


Royalty is always your best form of #Wasta, and no one knows that better than us we #Khaleejis! Even though she’s 36th in line to be the Queen of England; nothing’s stopping Lady Amelia Windsor from ruling the runways–and not just the British ones..


Sofia Richie: 19


Some people play Seven Ways to Kevin Bacon, Sophia Richie has Six Wastas to My Modelling Career:

  1. She’s Lionel Richie’s kid
  2. Michael Jackson is her godfather
  3. Nicole Richie is her older sister
  4. Her #girlsquad is mainly young, hot Hollywood
  5. Justin Bieber was her first boyfriend
  6. Scott Disick is her current boyfriend



Rafferty Law: 21


Son of British actor Jude Law, we imagine hiring Rafferty comes with a clause that his father must attend all shows because at 5 ft 11, it’s pretty plain to us how generic Rafferty landed bookings for Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, & Adidas’ ruways!


Dylan Brosnan: 20


Scouted by an agency when he was surfing on Malibu beach, 6 ft 6 in Dylan appears to have earned his modelling credentials mainly thanks to his looks. Having Bond star Pierce Brosnan as his dad was probably just extra!


Original Post: Daily Mail