Runway Round Up: MFW Edition

Let’s be honest, we all had a lot to say about fashion week- and most resonated with words like crap, boring, or is this even designer clothing? Whether from NYFW’s “embarrassing excuse of a designer” situations-, or LFW oh so boring streetstyle, Milan definitely turned up the volume! And we’re impressed.

Looks like our Milan designers were really getting the vintage vibes that millennials were looking for this year- so why not offer it directly? – You know, to avoid Kendall Jenner embarrassment. However, designers still had to have florals this spring..

So, we’re here to spill the tea on our favorite designers- trying to be nicer for a change..


YAS DONATELLA! What more can we possibly say? The genius of the soundtrack, the brilliance of the designed pieces, or the literal jaw-dropping ending no one would’ve expected. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the tragic death of the iconic Gianni Versace. And with extra exposure due to Ryan Murphy’s next American Crime Story, airing next year, Donatella knew how to turn tragedy into tribute- and not your typical one. Dimmed lights, “This is a celebration of my brother” narration in the background, and four models opening the show in golden yellow silk outfits screaming VERSACE in your face, we knew this was going to be good. As each model walked down the runway, looks seemed very, & we mean VERY! familiar.

As tribute to her brother, Donatella pulled out looks from the brand’s early 90s archives, and remade the looks in her own way. His iconic collections of Vogue, Warhol, My Friend Elton, Icons, Baroque, Animalia, Native Americans, Tresor de la Mer, Metal Mesh, and Butterflies came back to life- GENIUS! Who wouldn’t want to get ahold of Kaia’s sequin Vogue fitted jumpsuit or a fully beaded thigh-high covered in Warhol icons? Let alone the golden jewelry screaming VINTAGE VIBES! We know we want some, and asap please. Ending the show with the golden girls – literally- of the 90s; Naomi, Cindy, Carla, Helena & Claudia with George Michael’s Freedom, Donatella definitely didn’t let Gianni down – pun intended ofc.


Floral power meets ballerina rock star? And we must throw in Chanel jewlery vibes of the 90s to the mix! Bring it on Moschino! This brand never fails to surprise us with its fun clothes and runway theatrics – putting runway second of course – sorry Ralph Lauren. Jeremy Scott gave us a hint of fresh air, and a little bit of Galliano – More drama please! We’re loving it so far! Yet behind Kaia’s baby blue feathered tutu and fishnets, and Gigi’s literal flower bouquet dress, was a deeper storyline. Jeremy’s collection narrated the life of a ballerina, “The novice becomes the prima ballerina. The seed becomes the flower. The caterpillar becomes the butterfly. There’s a metamorphosis going on,” he explained. And what a story that was! Not a stranger to humor, Jeremy did comment on how flowers are stereotypical for spring, so as Moschino’s creative director, what did he do? He turned his models into real life flowers. #InYourFace #MoreDrama #LovingIt


Backstage at the Fendi show, Silvia Venturini Fendi, director of accessories for the iconic fashion label described this season’s collection as a mix of Italian Futurism and carefree Caribbean.. #truedat. With the shoulder cutouts – so 2014, but apparently still in according to Karl-, the triangular cuts, and intersecting stripes, the designer definitely proved his point- but a bit too literal, no? Yet, we still like the structured yet chill vibes Lagerfeld had to offer. One thing that stood out in the Fendi’s stripped parade was the brand’s original logo. Whether printed on Kendall’s fur bomber jacket, or on the mini sack bag #eyecandy #wewant, we’re definitely into that 70’s Show.


After doing it big in re-modeling their runways literally – social media influencers as models -, The duo were back to basics this season; leaving the influencers’ catwalk for the ‘secret show’ at Bar Magenta, and the supermodels for the real one. Dolce & Gabbana were doing Dolce & Gabbana; the sheer black wiggle dresses, breathtaking jeweled tiaras, humorously oversized glasses, and well.. citrus fruit earrings. Their shows are anything but boring. Even though this collection wasn’t cohesive as the others, every single designed outfit looked stunning down the runway. Whether it was the designers twist to the sheer power suit, deck of cards printed dresses, or the queen of hearts oversized mini, we were falling in love anyway.


Well, well, well … looks like Gucci’s still into #AllThingsArab! Shalky’s definitely still in the picture, but is it just us or was a glammed up glitter Hijab in there too? We’re starting to think Gucci soon will be bought by Khaleeji royalty, we’ll see about that.. Alessandro Michele had it all in his collection, 80’s, disco glam, tweed, & just like Phillip Plien -on a less slutty note- disney princess reference. We can’t spot if his collection lacks cohesion or if he had so much going on his mind.. You know what they say, creative people flourish in clutter..

Stay tuned for the long awaited Paris Fashion Week coverage! #SDFashionSquad