From Sequins to Power Suits: The Hottest Trends of SS18

We love that part in The Devil Wears Prada, when Meryl Streep’s character schools Anne Hathaway on the trickle-down-effect of runway fashion to her discount bin sweater. Nowadays, we skip the middleman, and Zara comes out with a copy before the brand’s live stream on instagram gets 100 views!

Check out the latest trends, we think you should take the plunge and splurge on because well… why not?



From Dior’s chain chokers and its return to 90’s monogram, we’re wondering if Maria Grazia Chiuri actually wants us shopping at Dior? Because the way she’s been designing, she’s making it easier to save our money and just ransack our mother’s closets.

But Dior wasn’t the only one.

It seems many designers were sick with nostalgia during their creative months as the runways saw a return to #TBT fashion, prompting Vogue EIC, Anna Wintour to declare: “You don’t need a new bag this season!” Ouch! You know advertising sales are bad when Wintour DOESN’T GIVE AF about discouraging accessory sales of her clients!



Some boys were always into the bling! Just ask new favorite Halpern Studio to PFW veteran Elie Saab, it doesn’t matter what season it is: bling is always in! But this season we saw even the reserved designers have a little fun! From Rochas to Yves Saint Laurent, sequin came back strong thanks to a trend toward the ethereal (thanks, Rodarte) and desire to no longer be basic just because no one is spending! #RTWisDesignerZara #NOTthisSeason



You know something’s a major trend when the most inappropriate brands begin incorporating it! Take Saudi go-to for Riyadh weddings, Oscar de la Renta! (Clarification: Not the bride, the guests). The brand featured the trend made obsolete after Britney and Justin Timberlake made it the cutest couple Halloween costume.

But the Hadids and Kardashians brought a “reductive” approach to 90’s fashion (absolutely no reinvention what’s so ever, except perhaps Off White? But even then, we’re being generous). Kardashian/Jenner clan to the girl on the go, denim on denim was a street style trend later elevated by designers for a more chic approach.



Since last Fall, may have had us seeing red as the “IT” color… no doubt making Mr. Valentino and Giovanna Battaglia rejoice… but for those of us who don’t consider red “one of our colors,” SS18 provides a few more bold hues for our choosing: From pink and yellow, to green and navy blue, the only thing you need to remember for this season is INTENSITY. Stay strong (in hue), and you can’t go wrong!



Thankfully, we’re talking the power suit of Hillary Clinton as First Lady, and NOT the power suit of Hillary Clinton circa 2016. (Sorry, Hillary. But you should have called Melania’s stylist!) And what’s even better, with more women entering the workforce and driver’s licenses being issued by June, we’re pretty sure the suit is about to become a staple in Saudi women’s wardrobes!