The Story Behind Beyoncé’s Twins’ First Photo Shoot

As soon as Beyoncé posted a picture of her twins on Instagram, it took the internet with a storm. Of course one would think when you are trying to introduce your twins to the world (well, at least to the 104 million of the population), you would want them to look at the babies and not the bomb gown you were wearing…I didn’t even notice the twins until after I zoomed in to see the details of the dress (Ok, maybe that’s too much) says a lot about Alejandro Gómez Palomo as a designer.

The piece Bey is wearing in the picture is from the Palomo Spain menswear line and was put in a personal order for it before she was even pregnant!

She was sent samples, Palomo said in an interview with, and decided she wanted the piece. Her measurements were taken, the sample was tailored, and it was sent back. Then Palomo and his team found out she was pregnant.

“We thought, okay, she won’t wear it, oh well,” Palomo said. So it truly was a surprise when he saw the photo, months later. “Never stop dreaming ,” he wrote on Instagram with the photo itself.


The piece itself is vintage silk organza “from a really old couture textile shop in Córdoba, Spain, which is near where I live,” Palomo said. “It is circa either the 1950s or the 1960s. I thought, Oh my God, I am so in love with this fabric. It had a midcentury quality—but we changed that…it’s a gown, now, that almost has the shape of a big fur coat—sleeved and open.”