What To Take and Toss from this Year’s Fashion Trends

I remember leaving my dr’s appointment last week to book my second on the 7th of January, and just as I walked out, it hit me. There it was… the infamous “SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!” joke. I of course laughed sarcastically, but had a major eye roll moment in my head. Obviously it’s that time of year when we all go through the “gone with the old, in with the new” crap (which I secretly do myself & tell no one), but in SD, we like to do it the fashionable way! 😉 

So ladies! We’re giving you your cheat sheet of what to #TAKE & #TOSS from this year’s fashion trends… Do take notes.

1. TAKE: Kira Kira Wardrobe


Well we wouldn’t want to say that we had anything to do with the #KiraKira obsession… but you all know we totally did.

2. TOSS: Skinny Jeans


Remind us again, how was this still happening in 2017?

3. TAKE: Power Suits


By the looks of it, we Saudi babes will be stacking more of those for 2018! 😉 #WomenEmpowerment #YearOfSaudi

4. TOSS! TOSS ASAP!: Crocks


Self explanatory.

5. TAKE: Belt Bags


Even though we got an #IGFeedOverload with the same Gucci bag, we still think this trend will make the cut next year.

6. TOSS: Grey Plaid Jackets


Once you see the same jacket sold in Zara, Bersheka, and Mango, you should know something is off.

7. TAKE: Hoop Earrings


Big hoop, small hope, works every time.

8. TOSS: Anything Dior ..


We’re officially declaring 2017 as the year of Maria… Maria’s year of fu*k up to be exact.