The Shalki Modern Comeback

So our maid’s favorite fabric is going mainstream! And we couldn’t be prouder!
“Shalki”, which translates to “Rose blossom”, is a print also known as “Jnenah” which means “Garden” in Arabic. The fabric has become a visual symbol of local soul fashion, with a meter going for about 10-15 SAR (about 3 USD).
The print has been around for decades, injecting its bright vivid colors into the Khaleeji woman’s wardrobe. From headscarves to everyday casual thobes, the Shalki print is a staple in GCC fashion scene; and today it’s making its way to the Western runways.
Much like how our bisht (Stephan Rolland & Peter Dundras) & abaya (Dolce Gabbana & Carolina Herrera ) have been borrowed, the Shalki has made high fashion appearances to the delight (and humor) of us Khaleejis. The latest manifestation is an 890 EUR Gucci blouse and Alexander McQueen espadrilles. What do you think of the integration of our culture into mainstream high fashion? We love it!