Black In Color Reemami for The cARTel
Ted Baker KSA

Black In Color Reemami for The cARTel

My fellow DOVE gurl, Reema Al Banna, (Yes, I know–she has WAAAAY better hair than me!) has done it again! This time with a new capsule collection, “Black in Color” for the cARTel The event was a huge success with press and fashion industry people buzzing about about digital prints inspired by portraits painted by mentally handicap individuals of Mawaher; the result is tangible sentiment on silk.


Thursday, September 3, 2014 | The cARTel inaugurated the fashion calendar of Dubai by hosting an exclusive fashion event titled Black in Color featuring Grazia Design Collaboration Award Winner Reema Al Banna. The busy evening witnessed a massive crowd of fashion and art lovers, fashion entrepreneurs, press, designers and bloggers all witnessing the exclusive launch of Reemami latest capsule collection that is created exclusively for The cARTel. “The cARTel is a platform to support and showcase designers and we love the fact that designers are inspired by its unique aesthetics to create something specifically for The cARTel. Reema is a talented designer and the collection introduces beautiful prints and interesting cuts and shapes” May Barber, Co founder of the cartel said.



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