Men’s Eid WishLUST -
Ted Baker KSA

Men’s Eid WishLUST

Men’s Eid WishLUST

Who says that only women get all the pampering during Eid? Getting all dolled up for Eid is for everyone – don’t be afraid men, indulge yourselves as well.

House of Cards Cuff Links as worn by Frank Underwood. These are definitely statement cuff links.

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The chic Saudi brand Thamanyah presents its Stretch Merino Wool Burqa Hat ; burqas aren’t just for the ladies…

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These exquisite calf leather, low heel Paolo Scafora Derby shoes from Level Shoe District instantly upgrade any emsemble. Necessities.

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If you’re willing to splurge…the timeless Cartier Tank is the perfect gift (for yourself or for someone else)…

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Begüm Khan cuff links – rhodium plated  with green gems. Turks believe in carrying an Evil Eye will protect you from malevolent ones and will bring you good luck.

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Toby Hatem Alakeel – finely trimmed thobes with a touch of class and a gentle splash of colour to accentuate the outstanding adornment of the thobe.  

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