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Ramadan Edibles

Ramadan Edibles

Crowd pleasers from around the world!

Note: The calorie counts are an estimated average.

Dates and Milk

Dates and milk are a traditional way to break one’s fast and The date fruit is hailed for its myriad nutritional benefits: fiber, potassium, and even copper.

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Calories/Date: 20

Calories/ 100ml low fat milk: 70

Erq Soos

Erq soos is a drink mostly popular in countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. It’s made of liquorice extract and it’s made into a thick sweet drink.

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Calories/cup: 160


Qatayef is a dessert traditionally stuffed with cream, nuts, custard, or a combination of fillings. But, go creative with what you put inside of them, and what goes on top like syrup, sprinkled nuts- anything goes!

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Calories/one qatayef: 150


Harira is a type of light, tomato-based Moroccan soup, typically eaten before the main course when breaking your fast.

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Calories/harira serving: 240


Sambousa is a fried appetizer that you can also get creative with. You can use different fillings like cheese, veggies, meat, chicken, and even make your own combinations!

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Calories/sambousa: 90

Qamar AlDeen

Qamar AlDeen is an apricot-based sweet drink enjoyed in several Arab countries as a Ramadan delicacy.

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Calories/cup: 180