GET THE LOOK: Amal Clooney -
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GET THE LOOK: Amal Clooney




GET THE LOOK: Amal Clooney


The fact that she has married one of Hollywood’s hottest hunks isn’t the only reason why all eyes are on Amal Clooney.


Women and hairstylists alike ogle after Amal’s beautiful brown locks but you don’t need to be a red-carpet regular to look like a star! By following some simple steps, hairstylist to the stars Asgar Saboo, who has worked with some of Hollywood’s finest, including Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, will show you how to recreate Amal’s signature look to unveil your inner superstar.



1)     Prepped to perfection


Natural oils are an indispensible part of your hair kit when looking to give your hair a smooth sheen. Not only are these luxurious products easy to use, they contain many natural ingredients and are perfect for creating that just washed shine. Go for some chemical-free favourites such as coconut or argan oil as not only will they patch up those pestering split ends, they will help maintain a sleek, sophisticated style and ensure hair is easier to control.


GET THE LOOK: Apply on the mid to ends of wet hair to ensure it doesn’t make your scalp overly greasy, then blow dry to reveal luminous locks.



2)     The perfect blow-dry


As an esteemed human rights lawyer it is important that Amal’s hair is adaptable yet reliable. Whether at work or at a star-studded event, her perfect blow-dry ensures her hair in always looking healthy and volumised yet oozes a sense of professionalism and elegance.


GET THE LOOK: Before blow-drying, spritz a heat defense spray on the ends of your hair to minimise damage and use a volumising mousse for extra body. Section your hair into two upper and lower halves then blow-dry individual sections by pulling away from the head to lift the roots. Use a paddle brush for thicker hair or a round brush to maximise volume. Finish with a shine spray to create extra sheen.




3)     Styled like a star


Amal has certainly found a signature look and stuck to it. Her chic waves are classic and polished and are perfect for both work and play; simple, fuss-free yet make a big statement.


GET THE LOOK: Take individual pieces of hair and wrap the end tightly around the hair curler, then spray to hold. For more natural waves and to minimise heat damage, the use of Velcro hair rollers is an effective way to create plenty of volume and will provide lasting results. Simply select a thin section of hair and ensure to pull straight before curling the roller under the hair and to the scalp. Spray to hold and leave for a couple of hours to create beautiful, loose waves.













Style it like Amal:


Whilst the bouncy, blow-dry may be Amal’s go-to look, it also creates a perfect base to style her hair for a special event. To create smooth, retro curls, use an oil after drying to create a smooth sheen and elimate frizz. The half-up half-down style is easy to create yet is both practical and beautiful and allows you to still wear your loose curls. Or be brave and go for the faux bob by tucking the end of your hair under and holding with grips. A style for each and every occasion, all from a perfectly prepped blow-dry base.