25 Items You Definitely Need To Toss By Age 30
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25 Items You Definitely Need To Toss By Age 30

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Written by whowhatwear and edited by shoesanddrama.com

1. Your super-duper low-rise jeans.


We all remember the day of Britney Spears-inspired ultra-low rise jeans. They had their moment in the sun, but as we ladies mature and our bodies mature with us, they become less and less a viable option. Put them away, instead reaching for a pair of high-waisted trousers or slouchy boyfriend jeans.

Instead, try: slouchy boyfriend jeans.

7 For All Mankind Boyfriend Jeans With Distressing

7 For All Mankind Boyfriend Jeans With Distressing ($387)

2. The job interview suit you wore in your 20s.


Every woman worth her weight in gold had that period in her life when she wore incredibly distasteful suits to job interviews. It’s usually when you’re just starting out in your career, and you have absolutely no idea what to wear.

Instead, try: a modern pair of high-waisted trousers with a pretty blouse.


AIR by alice + olivia High Waisted Trousers ($220)

3. Little girl shoes: think saddle styles, flat Mary Janes, and beyond.


There are certain shoe styles completely inappropriate for women in their 30s to wear; saddle shoes and flat Mary Janes fall on the list. They just look a bit immature and creepy on women past a certain age—instead, reach for a sleek pair of slip-on flats.

Instead, try: a pair of modern pointy flats.


Valentino Rockstud leather point-toe flats ($745)

4. Any and all tube tops.


Tube tops were acceptable when you were on the high school marching band practice field, and maybe even into college when you were hitting up fraternity row, but past the age of 30—they’re a total no-no.

Instead, try: a slinky camisole.


Tibi Silk Crepe Camisole ($160)

5. Your old denim mini-skirts from Abercrombie & Fitch.


These short denim skirts had their time to trend, but that time has long been over. Do your figure a favor, and past the age of 30, never touch one again.

Instead, try: a sleek denim pencil skirt.


Victoria Beckham Denim Pencil Skirt ($395)

6. Your body-con dresses once exclusively reserved for “going out.”


The only woman alive who wears body-con dresses past the age of 30 is Kim Kardashian. For most ladies whose stylist is NOT Kanye West, it’s better to reach for a stylish cocktail dress with a low back or high slit; if you want to turn up the sex appeal for a night on the town.

Instead, try: a sexy, chic cocktail dress.


ALICE BY TEMPERLEY Everette tulle-paneled silk crepe de chine maxi dress ($795)

7. Any fast-fashion pieces you never, ever wear.


First things first: past the age of 30, you really should be limiting your fast-fashion consumption to only trendy pieces you don’t want to drop a ton of cash on. But if you have other items in your closet from the fast-fashion mega-stores of the world, and you find you never wear them, donate them.

Instead, try: investing in a chic blazer.


SAINT LAURENT Silk satin-trimmed wool blazer ($2,950)

And of course, every woman needs her cape:


SAINT LAURENT Leather-trimmed wool and angora-blend felt cape ($3,990)

8. Bridesmaid dresses.


Let’s be honest—you have never worn a bridesmaid dress more than once. (And if you have, we beg your pardon, but you’re certainly in the minority.) It just doesn’t make sense to hold on to these dresses—it’s time to accept that they are a one-and-done item. Donate them or give them to friends in need of their own bridal gear.

Instead, try: opting for a versatile formal dress.


RICK OWENS Dagger belted cady gown ($1,435)

9. Jewelry that makes your skin turn green.


Instead, try: elegant pieces from quality brands.


Monica Vinader Havana Friendship Bracelets (£75 – £95)


ARME DE L’AMOUR Rose gold-plated finger bracelet ($290)


ARME DE L’AMOUR Chevron gold-plated phalanx ring ($175)

10. The pieces you are holding onto for that unknown future time when they might actually fit.


We all have items in our closets we can’t quite squeeze into but think that after a good juice cleanse we’ll be able to. That’s all well and good, but when you turn 30, it’s time to be a bit more honest with yourself. If you can’t fit into something now, get rid of it—and start shopping for your body as it is now, not for how it might be in some future fantasyland.

Instead, try: figure-flattering pieces.


PROENZA SCHOULER Flocked tweed dress ($1,975)

11. Festive tights or stockings.


Themed tights are reserved for children in school plays only. Should you own any stockings covered in Halloween cats, Christmas trees, or menorahs, it’s time to say goodbye.

Instead, try: swiss dot tights.



12. Denim skorts.


There’s absolutely no place for a denim skort in a grownup’s wardrobe. Period.

Instead, try: a modern leather skort.


Jonathan Simkhai Leather Notched-Hem Skort (Now at $208)

13. Reversible pieces.


While we very much appreciate the practicality behind pieces that can be worn inside-out, they tend to be a bit too cheesy for an adult to pull off.

Instead, try: a versatile piece like a leather jacket.


SAINT LAURENT Studded leather jacket ($6,450)



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