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Beauty Secrets of the Supercool

Ever wonder what are the beauty secrets of NYC women to looking good? They have a whole city of experts, services, and boutiques at their (gel-polished) fingertips. Here, the be-all and end-all guide to beautifying with the best of them. | Beauty Secrets of the Supercool -  Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Bite Beauty Lip Lab


A-list smile fix:
Dentist Dr. Michael Apa draws the likes of Mary-Kate Olsen to his office for professional whitening treatments. If he’s booked, you might be able to get in at his other location—in Dubai.
30 E. 76th St., Ste. 5B; 212-794-9600;

Non-surgical face-lift:
Oriental medicine specialist, licensed acupuncturist, and Chinese herbalist Juhi Singh works wonders with needles, soothing everything from back pain to allergies. The results of the Facial Rejuvenation service, which tightens with acupuncture, are almost too good to believe.
737 Park Ave., Ste. 1C; 212-794-5096;

Quick and painless brow shaping:
You’ll wonder why you ever wasted time with wax after a $7 brow-threading from the whizzes at nofrills Classic Eyebrow Threading Zone on the Lower East Side. Don’t be surprised if you’re seated next to Marie Claire’s beauty director, Erin Flaherty.
101 Clinton St.; 212-254-6464

When a facial won’t cut it:
For speedier, more effective results than you’d get at the spa, score an appointment with It dermatologist Dr. Anne Chapas of Union Square Laser Dermatology. Her insta-glow-inducing laser treatments are whispered about by those in the know.
19 Union Square West, 5th Floor; 212-366-5400; | Beauty Secrets of the Supercool - SkinnySkinny




Green your routine:
It may look like a rustic flower shop (and there are plants for sale), but the real draw at Skinnyskinny is former sculptor Clara Williams’ line of vegan, eco-friendly, and synthetic-free beauty products and candles.
268 Grand St., Brooklyn; 718-388-2201;

One-of-a-kind fragrance:
Ladies who set the trends aren’t about to share a signature scent; they work with private perfumer Julianne Zaleta to create their own blend.

Globe-trotting without the travel:
Woodley & Bunny may be known for its Williamsburg salon, but the attached shop is also the best place to discover new brands from around the world, like Berlin’s Uslu Airlines nail polishes.
196 N. 10th St., Brooklyn; 718-218-6588;

Holy Grail lipstick:
End your quest for the perfect shade by customizing your own at Bite Beauty Lip Lab. You can even add a signature scent and then watch as technicians turn it into a bespoke bullet before your eyes.
174 Prince St.; 646-484-6111; | Beauty Secrets of the Supercool - Aire Ancient Baths

Aire Ancient Baths



The massage to end all massages:
That girl walking around Tribeca in a state of bliss? She probably had an epic four-handed massage at the candlelit Aire Ancient Baths, a chic favorite of fashion-world players.
88 Franklin St.; 212-274-3777;

Where body hair doesn’t stand a chance:
A nondescript building in Murray Hill houses the entertainment industry’s smooth-skin secret. Quick, discreet technicians at Pulse Laser & Skincare Center use the most up-to-date equipment so treated areas are truly, permanently hairless.
149 Madison Ave., Ste. 601; 212-802-1439;

The real Master Cleanse:
Juicing is so JV. For a varsity-level clean out, savvy New Yorkers visit Gravity for the colonic irrigation, which is exactly what it sounds like.
515 E. 5th St., Unit 1A; 212-388-9788;

A natural nip and tuck:
Former ballerina Dr. Shirley Madhère is known around town as the “holistic plastic surgeon” because she combines complementary therapies (acupuncture, homeopathy) with cutting-edge surgical care. Her lipo is the not-so-secret reason women downtown look so svelte in their Rag & Bone skinnies.
50 E. 69th St.; 212-941-1571; | Beauty Secrets of the Supercool - Highbrow Nail Art

Highbrow Nail Art



Highbrow nail art:
Watch installations by video artists like Sophie Lisa Beresford while you get a miniature masterpiece from a manicurist “artist-inresidence” at Vanity Projects.
99 Chrystie St., 2F; 646-410-2928;

The sickest tips:
For nail art and gels that won’t chip, fashion’s early adopters (Neon Hitch, Jemima Kirke) visit Ayumi Motegi at the Nolita salon Valley.
198 Elizabeth St.; 212-274-8985; | Beauty Secrets of the Supercool - Blackstones



“Uncoiffy” updos:
Don’t let that chick with the perfectly imperfect milkmaid braids fool you: She probably made a stealth visit to the braid bar at John Barrett Salon for plaits that stay put without a gallon of hairspray.
754 Fifth Ave., 9th Floor; 212-872-2700;

Chillest spot for a trim:
Blackstones is a haven of oldfashioned hairdressing, complete with vintage barber chairs, chandeliers, and one taxidermied fruit bat. (It doesn’t bite.)
19 E. 7th St.; 212-353-2680;

Out-of-the-box color:
Hair colorist Aura Friedman makes any shade of the rainbow possible (and surprisingly flattering) at Sally Hershberger Downtown. Plus, she’ll get you there—and back, when you tire of the hue—without damaging strands.
425 W. 14th St.; 212-206-8700; and

Where to get twisted:
Cornrows, box braids, Senegalese twists—whatever look you’re after, the amazing sister aminata dia in Harlem can do it.
307 W. 125th St., 2nd Floor; 212-749-9300;

Badass bleach job:
When you’re ready to lighten up (you gotta try it at least once), head to Marie Robinson’s namesake salon. Her specialty is platinum, but she can do any shade under the sun.
155 5th Ave., 4th Floor; 212-358-7780; | Beauty Secrets of the Supercool - Sacred Vibes

Sacred Vibes



The hipster homeopath:
Get an all-natural cure for what ails you from master herbalist Karen Rose, who teaches classes on alternative medicine and essential oils out of her shop, Sacred Vibes, in Flatbush.
376 Argyle Rd., Brooklyn; 718-284-2890;

Spin studio that’s not played out:
Newcomer Swerve has it all—dim lighting, thumping music, tricked-out bikes—plus something the other studios don’t: a unique format that splits the class into teams to compete against each other for added calorie-burning incentive.
30 W. 18th St.; 212-242-3330;


By Jennifer Goldstein of Marie Claire
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