Best Suhoor Options -
Ted Baker KSA

Best Suhoor Options

For suhoor, you should eat food that will consistently provide you with energy throughout the day : complex carbohydrates and protein. Here’s a bit of food porn to inspire you.


Banana + almond butter + chia seed + whole grain toast. The whole grain toast is a complex carbohydrate, which your body processes more slowly and therefore has a lasting effect on energy. The protein in almond butter will keep you satiated.
Oatmeal topped with fruit ; whether it be steel-cut or just plain Quaker’s oatmeal, both are complex carbs. The fruit on top adds flavor, fiber, and the right amount of natural sugar.
Refried beans, salsa, fried egg, and cilantro on whole grain bread. Once again, the whole grains in the bread combined with the protein from the beans and egg will be sure to prevent those hangry food swings.
Scrambled eggs, spinach, and feta cheese wrapped in a whole grain tortilla. Are we getting the idea? Whole grain tortilla + protein in feta cheese and eggs makes for an easier next day of fasting.
Avocado, pomegranate, feta cheese, and honey on whole grain bread. Avocados are a great, mono-saturated fat that your body needs to keep regulating itself while fasting. Honey is just a delicious bonus.
Smoked salmon, avocado, and fried egg on a whole grain English muffin. This is essentially the ultimate meal. You’ve got everything – fat, protein, a complex carb, and an omega-3 protein. Best part is: GUILT free.