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Ted Baker KSA

Paris Men’s fashionweek

This week’s men’s fashion week for Spring 2016 had the Parisian subway teeming with models scrambling to get from show to show (yes, they use the metro, and no, the commuters did not complain) Several themes emerged from the catwalks…

1. The nearly naked man @Berluti

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We actually don’t remember the Berluti catwalk; however, we can’t stop thinking about the Berluti aftershow at the Musée Picasso. How can you forget twenty, chiselled male models reading newsapers in socks and underwear (and Berlutis of course)? Berluti once again manages to balance luxury and fun.

The naked man IRL: that we can’t say 😉

2. The cool kid, @Saint Laurent and @Valentino

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From Saint Laurent’s Kurt Cobain look-a-like to Valentino’s prepster, this season pays hommage to 90s teenage cool, when boys wore hawaiien floral shirts and Japanese-esq silk jackets. We’re not so okay with this trend. Men, leave your hawaiian shirts stored away. Luckily, Louis Vuitton maintained  a more sophisticated and vintage look. However,  the uniting factor for these three fashion mavens : grunge, unwashed hair. This trend we shall choose to ignore…

The cool kid IRL: ditch school to go surfing duuuuuude.

3. The working boy, @Dior Homme and @Carven

rtyuiop (2)

Kris Van Assche, who just stopped his label to completely focus on his work for Dior Homme, brings a modern swag to the accountant wardrobe; meanwhile Carven’s first menswear collection gives way to a chic and preppy silhouette, keeping in line  with Carven’s womenswear line.

The working boy IRL: share the latest office’s gossip around a cup of coffee. So fetch.

4. The sexy boyscout @Balmain and @Balanciaga

werghj (2)

Khaki pants, ranger boots, safari shirts- both French houses have reworked the basis of military clothes. Balmain had a bolder and more complex feel with looks combining Modern Spartacus to Crocodile dundee – Balenciaga stuck with a more sober, minimalistic look.

The sexy boyscout IRL: prepare to explore the Amazon.

5. The normcore vampire @Lanvin and @Givenchy

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He is pale white, mysterious, stoic,and  handsome,  albeit in an eery way. Both Lanvin and Givenchy’s male silhouette for Spring 16 has us contemplating whether we love or fear these men. Lanvin took inspiration from the Matrix to bowling shirts, while Riccardo Tisci experiments the male skirt and the basic utility wardrobe. Male skirts are only for the Scottish. Come on, people.

The normcore vampire IRL: go to the gym while hating it.