Top 5 Halal Nail Polishes -
Ted Baker KSA

Top 5 Halal Nail Polishes


Many of us wait impatiently for that time of the month when we can put on nail polish, but for some reason people seem to be ultra finicky during Ramadan–(it’s called hangry people -hungry + angry) and relish in noticing you’re prayer abstinence.. Anyway, you don’t want to walk around in flagrant red nails during Ramadan, regardless.. So here are 5 top “halal” nail polish looks for you, so you never have to leave your nails unmanicured!

1.  French


French nail polish is a classic look with no neutral colors. All it makes your nails look naturally perfect–every woman’s dream.

2. Nudes


Nude nail polish is elegantly subtle. Best part is the abundance of shades to choose from! 50 shades of nude.

3. Sheer Tints


Tint sheer nail polish is one of fashion and beauty’s genius inventions. It is literally what the name implies: a tint. You can apply it alone, over white, or over any other color!

4. Clear Coat


If all you’re looking for is a shine, then a clear (or almost clear) coat should work perfectly for you.

5. Breathable nail polish


And finally, there’s the breathable nail polish which, rumor has it, enables water to go through it so you could wear it any time you’d like!