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Ted Baker KSA

Elizabeth Taylor’s Kaftan Obsession

We remember Elizabeth Taylor for her impeccable fashion sense, taste,  and elegance. She embraced and thus promoted the kaftan trend that rose in the 60’s. She had an incredible collection of kaftans that Christie’s recently auctioned off after she died. Here are a few of them.


This green kaftan was a piece she made ultra-luxurious by adding excessive ornate jewelry that complemented the colors of the dress. Take note of her rings and earrings.


This kaftan rich in red and gold could have been worn to the 2015 Met Gala; it would have at least been an example of tasteful fashion, unlike several of the dresses we were unfortunately witnessed…


This kaftan is elegant in its simplicity and embodies the minimalistic Elizabeth Taylor was all about!


How mermaid-like is this flowy blue kaftan? It’s just gorgeous!


The fashion industry has always embraced interesting shapes and patterns;  Liz obviously embraced them as well!