Bil Arabi new 'Kaffak' Collection to launch exclusively at Bloomingdale's-Dubai

Bil Arabi's Kaffak Collection to launch exclusively at Bloomingdale's-Dubai

Bil Arabi‘s Kaffak Collection to launch exclusively at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai


In keeping with the trends of fashion this season, Nadine Kanso will launch ‘Kaffak’, her first hand cuff collection of Bil Arabi fine jewellery exclusively at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai. Meaning ‘high five’ or literally the palm of your hand in Arabic, the ‘Kaffak’ collection will feature 3 to 4 classic 18 carat gold, hand cuff designs featuring Bil Arabi’s signature bling.

The first hand cuff, “Ya 3ein” (AED 7,200) is a term of endearment, something one would say it when he or she sees a beautiful thing or a beautiful person or hears a beautiful song…It is as well a word whereby a lot of Arabic songs start with or include in their lyrics. On one side rests an Evil Eye, set with a beautiful sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

Another hand cuff, ”Ward Ya Ward” or ”Roses oh Roses” (AED 6,200) features delicate Mother-of-Pearl flowers that blossom around the golden calligraphy.

“I always like to revisit words or collections I have used or created earlier and Ward ya Ward is so feminine romantic and delicate, it makes me feel of an eternal love in the spring,” says Kanso.

For jewellery lovers looking for a more every day, casual piece, Kanso will also debut a simple hand cuff (AED 2,975) with a delicate Arabic letter and diamond.

The Bil Arabi ‘Kaffak’ collection has come at the heels of Kanso’s latest collaboration, the “Love is All I Have” with Cruciani.

The Bil Arabi ‘Kaffak’ collection will be available in the Fine Jewellery and Watches Department on the Ground Floor at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai, The Dubai Mall starting March 4, 2014.


About Nadine Kanso

Dubai-based and Beirut-born designer Nadine Kanso ( @NKanso ) is the force behind Bil Arabi (which literally translates to ‘In Arabic’) – a jewelry brand with rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets that draw on the inherent beauty, calligraphic shape and lyricism of the Arabic alphabet. Using 18-carat gold and the Arabic alphabet as inspiration, Nadine updated the traditional letters and added a funky twist to the handcrafted pieces using different colors of gold along precious and semi precious stones. The collection keeps growing with additional elements and designs.