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Beauty & The Booty covers everything from make-up trends to cellulite treatments that never seem to work! Learn from our weekly contributing experts, who tell you how it really is when it comes to miracle products and those lunch-time procedures.

7 reasons we need more Tamara Al Gabbani’s in this world

Fashion designer, brand ambassador, travel junkie, philanthropist, and incredible woman. If you don’t follow Tamara Al Gabbani you’re missing out! From Jeddah to London to Dubai, Tamara never travels without a killer wardrobe and heart-melting smile. I wore a super chic dress from @shopbopme to my @jaipurgems event yesterday 👗☕️💎 There is a Friends &

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Mariah Idrissi: H&M’s First Hijabi Model

H&M’s newly debuted video, ‘Close The Loop’, that showcases their new collection, backs up the idea of breaking all the fashion stereotypes and rules, boldly stating that no one should abide by any ‘rules’ of fashion, or feel the need to dress according to the liking of a person or society. With this message

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11 Reasons we love Chara Khoriv’s Instagram

Ukranian model, jet-setter, and brows to kill for. Chara Koriv know’s her angles, and we could certainly learn a thing or two! From Cavalli in Monaco, to Etihad in Abu Dhabi, we follow Chara around the world, and would do anything to sneak into her luggage while she packs for her next trip! I'm your

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10 Ways To Style a Crop Top


Madonna did not introduce crop tops, they’ve been around for way longer. Recently, they’ve once again been resurrected! Although traditionally conservatively paired with high waisted pants or skirts, they can now be styled in a plethora of (sometimes risqué) ways. High waisted jeans with a hint of stomach Midi skirts Sleeved crop tops With overalls

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5 Perfumes For Any Girl With A Sweet Tooth

September 6, 2015

Beauty, Beauty & The Booty

Whether it’s Ladurée Macaroons or a bag of Haribo nothing feels better than indulging in something sweet, and perfume is no exception. We’ve rounded up our favorite super sweet perfumes for any girl who loves a bit of sugar. Prada Candy Indulgent yet sophisticated, make sure to restrain yourself from taking a bite. From dinner

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