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Korea is taking the world by the cosmetic dermatology Ultra V Lift!

By Dr. Lillian Khan

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Korea is taking the world by a storm first by PSY youtube hit Gangnam Style! Now the cosmetic dermatology world by the Ultra V Lift!

Seeing is believing! This statement held true while I was watching Korean Aesthetic Dermatologist and Surgeon Dr. Han Jin Kwon placing very swiftly the magic threads inside the model patient in the training session at Jedda Derm 2013. I was very skeptical when I first heard his lecture in the symposium, so I just had to attend his workshop! I  pulled some strings and I got in! The before and after photos that he presented in his lecture were looking too good to be true.. I had to watch his live demo and after seeing his first patient half face done and comparing it to the other undone side I was sold!
Ultra V Line
The idea of using threads to lift the face is not new, its been presented and used in different forms before. The problems were that the outcome does not look satisfactory to the patients and it didn’t give a natural look. The face appeared that it was forcefully pulled to the sides.  The popular form that is being used in Europe has hooks that when placed in holds on to the skin from inside to lift it when its pulled at its outer port coming out at the sides of the face.

Dr. Kwon has developed a system in which he places several absorbable sutures in interrupted forms fully inside the skin in key areas giving a more natural lifting and contouring effect for the face. Once the sutures are absorbed by the skin the after effect causes even more lifting of the face that lasts between 8 months to one year. His biggest sellers are contouring the sagging jaw line, getting rid of the double chin, and giving a non surgical nose job in just 30 minutes. A full facelift not more than one hour with no down time.

Its uses does not stop at the face. It can produce a lifting and contouring effect to other parts of the body such as contouring the six packs abdomen, the leg calves, lifting the breasts, and of course The Booty.

This procedure has become widely popular in Asia over the past 2 years. His technique and threads have been adapted by many cosmetic dermatologist and surgeons in Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and Russia… He was even invited to the Middle East to come perform the procedures on Royalty!

Ultra V Line Before and after

The good news is his threads are being registered here in Saudi and it will be provided in very few prestigious cosmetic clinics in which he will train their doctors himself to use his innovative techniques… So don’t start booking your flights to Korea just yet.. The Ultra V line will be coming to your home town soon.