The Appeal of Joelle By Marriam Mossalli


Joelle. We know the name in the Middle East, the same way every queer guy in the world knows the name, Madonna. It’s a name that has become synonymous with Arab Beauty; but it’s also a name so enigmatic, one begins to wonder, “what is the big deal about Joelle?” How did this young make-up artist from a middle class […]

7 reasons we need more Tamara Al Gabbani’s in this world

Fashion designer, brand ambassador, travel junkie, philanthropist, and incredible woman. If you don’t follow Tamara Al Gabbani you’re missing out! From Jeddah to London to Dubai, Tamara never travels without a killer wardrobe and heart-melting smile. Tamara is a total fashion goddess. But don’t be fooled, she still loves her football! From the Arabian desert to the streets of London, […]

Mariah Idrissi: H&M’s First Hijabi Model

H&M’s newly debuted video, ‘Close The Loop’, that showcases their new collection, backs up the idea of breaking all the fashion stereotypes and rules, boldly stating that no one should abide by any ‘rules’ of fashion, or feel the need to dress according to the liking of a person or society. With this message in mind, they’ve created visuals we don’t see quite often in the fashion […]

11 Reasons we love Chara Khoriv’s Instagram

Ukranian model, jet-setter, and brows to kill for. Chara Koriv know’s her angles, and we could certainly learn a thing or two! From Cavalli in Monaco, to Etihad in Abu Dhabi, we follow Chara around the world, and would do anything to sneak into her luggage while she packs for her next trip! Did we mention she pulls off an […]