Blake Lively has a new website… and the media want you to know that Martha Stewart thinks it’s Stupid!

By Marriam Mossalli


I love the media. There’s nothing like a little morning out-of-context sensationalism to get people’s juices flowing in the morning.

One such case: Blake Lively‘s new venture into the online world through her GOOP-like website PRESERVE. Think of Preserve as the Anthropologie-wearing, ranching-living sister to Gwyneth Paltrow’s East Side City Girl–both will probably tell you to eat only Kale and are equally unrelatable. But then again, I’m a TCK from Saudi Arabia, I relate to nothing.

Martha Stewart thinks Lively is crazy for wanting to be anything but a Gossip Girl and I kind of am inclined to agree. Look at Kim Kardashian?! Why be more than a sex-tape famous, talentless reality star entrepreneur when you’re already killing it making multi-millions in merchandising everyone from her sisters to her insane husband?! Kim Kardashian is the smartest woman of the decade. I said it. And all I want is to be the next Ryan Seacrest who benefits from her predecessor!