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Casio G-Shock Celebrates Youth Talents with “Shock the World”

shoes and drama | Casio G-Shock Celebrates Youth Talents

Jeddah 2/4/2015


The Japanese Casio Computer Co.,LTD. in collaboration with Mahmood Saleh Abbar Co., the approved agent for Casio products in the Kingdom, representer for G-Shock watches, has organized a universal festival at the Equestrian Club in Jeddah to support and sponsor outstanding local talents in the fields of fashion, music and extreme sports. The festival was titled ‘Shock the World’ and two hashtags #shockjeddah #GSHOCKARABIA were launched.

shoes and drama

The event which honored a group of local young talents witnessed the presence of the Alaa Balkhy the international designer of ‘Alaa Balkhy’, Dhad Store Artists Group, Hasan & Hussein Bin Mahfouz from My Wheels Skating Team, Jeddah’s Hip Hop group Run Junxion, Qusai the rap artist and a multitude of enthusiastic artists and reporters. The festival witnessed outstanding performances by all the teams and talents participating in the event presented by Hassan Dennaoui ‘Big Hass’ with whom the audiences interacted seamlessly.

shoes and drama | G-shock

The audiences also enjoyed the presentation of Kikuo Ibe the Japanese designer, inventor and designer of G-Shock watches, who talked about the history and hallmarks of G-Shock watches and how they were able with their different designs to become the popular choice of all age groups. The inventor of G-Shock watches also talked about Casio’s latest creative G-Shock watches launched recently which are deemed among the most important accessories that youth may wear in their various sporting, artistic and social events. He also talked about the uniqueness, durability, design and enormous technical possibilities that made these watches a global standard for strength and elegance, thanks to the determination and ingenuity of industry.

In the event Mr. Alaa Balkhy, the assistant General Manager for Casio Affairs, said: “Mahmood Saleh Abbar Co. (Approved Casio Agent) has been keen within the course of its social responsibility to support and care for talented youth, to participate in a series of activities of sports, social, technical, artistic and fashion programs, to support and encourage local talented youth of both genders in various fields of creativity.

He added: “From the standpoint of our keenness to support the local talented youth and our quest for providing care to a generation of young artists and singing talent, the Casio products approved agent – Mahmood Saleh Abbar Co. – representing         G-Shock and Baby G, we adopt the designs of young talents and produce them for sale in special versions, believing in the importance of offering the opportunity to the creative and talented youth yet contributing in their dreams and aspirations”.

Mr. Tsuneo Nagai, the Casio Middle East Manager talked on the sidelines of the press conference held on this occasion and said: “Celebrating ‘Shock The World -2015’ in Jeddah comes under the keenness of the Japanese Casio Computer Co. to support local young talents in various fields. It also illustrates the company’s focus on the importance of the Saudi market”. He added: “Despite the increase in the number of types and designs launched by G-Shock over more than three decades and more than 2000 models, we still build them on our basic principles; durability, water resistant, advanced technology. Holding to our insistence on these principles, we have been able to bring G-SHOCK watches to their current advanced stages.”

Mr. Mohammed El Hitar, Sales Manager Casio Dubai, concluded, “Today, The Japanese Casio Computer Co., LTD. ranks on the forefront of the electronics market, thanks to the use of all available modern technology the long history of experience, professionalism and ability to innovate while adhering to the highest quality standards”.

shoes and drama | Casio G-Shock Celebrates Youth Talents