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Dubai World Cup 2014

By Aisha Aslam | Dubai World Cup 2014

Francois Nel/Getty Images

The Dubai World Cup 2014 on 29th March 2014 was a glamorous event; a complete reflection of the city with its horses, deserts, luxury & sports. The glitzy event was attended by ladies in grand hats, big & small, and by fully suited gentlemen, with the dapper Dubai-based designer Marlon Weir winning Best Dressed Man at the Jaguar Style Stakes with his black cane & waistcoat.

The Al Maktoum family of Dubai was pretty content with the results of the Dubai World Cup’14 as Sheikh Mohammad also owns Cat O’Mountain (25-1), who finished third, while his brother, Sheikh Hamdan, owns the 14-1 runner-up Mukhadram. | Dubai World Cup 2014

Francois Nel/Getty Images | Dubai World Cup 2014

Francois Nel/Getty Images

Now what you guys all really care about is, our girl from the block & American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez who took center stage around 11 pm and wowed the crowd. Particularly so with her costume changes. She stayed true to the Bronx with her flowy hair, kickbacks, frills & chopped up top while strutting her dance moves.

Between people throwing up on the greens, her 90 minute performance closed to a houseful of cheering fans, especially after performing the brand new never-heard-before single, “Never Satisfied”, from her upcoming album. The facade of any semblance of class at the event was astounding with the crowd beginning to thin towards the end.

Jennifer Lopez Performs At Meydan in Dubai

Exactly how much J. Lo was offered to perform in Dubai is a good a guess as any, but landing a star of her talent and caliber takes some serious paper greens, enough for her to gush about the city being one of her “favorite, most memorable stops” on her recent world tour in 2012. Perhaps she really likes it here, but we will never know, we shall just take her word for it.