Fashion Designer Turki Jadallah releases his S/S 2013 collection in Jeddah

Turk Jaddallah event Jeddah SS13 collection
OT KUTYR Fashion House cooperates with Dar Al-Hekma’s school of fashion design students.

The fashion designer Turki Jadallah has released his recent haute couture spring/summer 2013 collection. The launch of his designs was celebrated at his Ot Kutyr fashion house in Jeddah where a group of customers, stylists, bloggers, reporters and fashion design students from Dar Al-Hekma College celebrated the success of Jadallah’s collection which is characterized with class and elegance; a trademark of the designer’s collections.

“It is a high class cocktail party,” claims Mai Ahmed, an attendee that is interested in fashion. The guests enjoyed and savored the taste of the mini treats from Cake Boutique, and a drink that is called Manuel Gold that contains real shredded gold inside!

At nine o’clock in the evening the curtains were brought down with special music that was played by Vinyl Mode, which drew attention to the 12 models (real life mannequins) standing on podiums that were placed symmetrically on the right and left side of the room, displaying Jadallah’s collection that was inspired by forests and the heat of summer, relying on leopard fabrics, and also using shades of green and the colors gold and white which can not be dispensed with. The cuts in the garments went along with the fabric, “I loved using the leopard fabric adding my unique touch to it and also adding some other colors, for example white,” says Jadallah.

Half an hour later, the 12 models transformed into flowers, Jadallah’s inspiration for his spring collection came from an assortment of roses using them in his cuts, not directly in his designs. “In my opinion, a woman is a rose from spring, that’s why I intentionally meant for any woman to wear the dress to become a rose, and that is shown through the unique cuts that I have created to display the message.”
Turk _Jaddallah dresses
The colors wowed the audience with tiffany blue, which came consistent, and in line with the ideas of his designs and cuts. Jadallah has triumphed in choosing this color and has also been praised, by those in attendance, in his choice of cloth.

Turk _Jaddallah_ dresses

Students from Dar Al-Hekma College collaborated with the Ot Kutyr fashion house in organizing the party. I was excited for the fashion students at Dar Al-Hekma,” Jadallah says, “it is a strong department, and I was glad that there were Saudi girls that are gifted with fashion and who are diligent in nurturing their talents by studying. They have the practical abilities that goes along with everything that has to do with design, whether its brainstorming, sketching, to draping on mannequins and sewing. This is why I wanted them to be here today at the party, because it is an opportunity for them to live the dream that they will achieve someday. We won’t stop here, there will be more collaborations between the Ot Kutyr fashion house and the Fashion department at Dar Al-Hekma college.” It is also worth mentioning that some of the fashion students accessorized themselves with original pieces of jewelry that came from DADU boutique.

Turki Jadallah has displayed his most recent collection in France a month ago and chose a historic castle area in Savoie, France.

About Turki Jadallah:
Turk Jaddallah• Saudi fashion designer, set up his first fashion show in 1998, his idol is the global designer Oscar De la Renta.

• Participated in the program Project Runway, which was presented on the Future Channel.

•Ot Kutyr Fashion house presented his international debut fashion show at London on the eve of fashion week at the Clairdgies Hotel.

• Using the hologram technique at the entrance of the exhibition hall, the hologram of the actress “Audrey Hepburn” was displayed. Hepburn was Jadallah’s inspiration for his fall/winter 2012-2013 collection that was displayed in London.