Featuring Safa’a Baig, Nail art Jeddah, our fan #900
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Featuring Safa’a Baig, our fan #900

Safa Jeddah Nails


Because it feels good to be loved, and we love our fans back, we would like to give a chance to our Fan #900 on facebook, Ms.Safa’a Baig, and allow her to be featured on our blog!

Safa’a quoted, “As a fashion lover and a shopaholic I absolutely adore all the updates by shoesanddrama. They post unique blog content and picture updates which keeps me up-to date with the high-fashion industry globally and in Middle-East varying from shoes, bags, beauty, drama and so on.”

She added, “Every girl  should be a keen follower of shoesanddrama  to spice up their homepage and also get daily interesting fashion updates”


Safa’a is a multi-talented girl born and raised in Jeddah. She is a model, an Executive Editor in a PR firm, an upcoming journalist and a self-taught nail artist who happens to have a great vision for art. She loves fashion like any other girl residing in Jeddah and shares her talent of nail art through the platform of Youtube. The interesting part is that she is only 18 years old and has already been in notice for her talent. Safa’a has a youtube channel under the name of; “Jeddah Nail Art “.

We encourage you to have a look at her work on flickr and follow her on twitter @safaamirza.

And now… enjoy one of her videos!