FURIOSA FENDI, the new fragrance

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Fendi by nature

At FENDI, there is a vision of tradition turned towards innovation and the future. Its masterful know-how and its unrivalled craftsmanship are the ever-evolving foundation of Fendi’s modern and bold creativity.

Famously synonymous as “master of materials”, FENDI’s luxurious furs and leathers dress a sublimely noble, eccentric feminine figure to whom women aspire worldwide.

Caught between wildness and civilization, FENDI’s creations are the essence of luxury and the ultimate expression of the noble and wild sophisticated beauty. FENDI portrays a woman of untamed sensuality and natural grace, a woman of instinct.

The new FENDI fragrance is a supreme tribute to the heart of FENDI’s unique universe where women are not only magnificent but most importantly powerful, impacting on the world with an inimitable grace.


A fierce statement of freedom of self-expression, it is a feminine wink and a nod at the Italian word furiosa, evoking a woman’s dashing instinct.

Celebrating her animal beauty and feline dimension, FURIOSA FENDI arouses the wild and untameable spirit of the quintessential FENDI woman.

Furiosa by inheritance

Delfina Delettrez

Delfina Delettrez

The internationally renowned jewellery designer, Delfina Delettrez Fendi designs the FURIOSA FENDI bottle perfectly echoing its eccentric and imaginative spirit and combining it with her very own distinctive and creative universe.

Delfina is the fourth generation of the female FENDI dynasty, a legacy of strong, forceful, and independent women in true Italian style.

From her great-grandmother Adele, then through her grandmother Anna and her mother Silvia, Delfina has also inherited her innovative creativity and taste for eccentricity. Passionate both by tradition and innovation she likes to break stereotypes like a Furiosa woman.

Her original, surrealist-inspired jewels consistently defy convention. Delfina Delettrez Fendi creates jewels for a strong and distinctive woman, not afraid to stand out in the crowd. A woman who wants her jewellery to proclaim her highly individualistic and creative nature. Just like the FURIOSA FENDI woman.

Furiosa by design

The bottle captures the FURIOSA FENDI woman’s unique mark on the world…

The wild imprint of an imaginary animal, combined with the absolute luxury and sophistication of a precious jewel-like cage.

Sublime expression of innovation and modernity.

A precious object in tribute to animal beauty.
Its powerful mosaic animalistic design evokes an imagined, indeterminate creature, inspired by a complex universe of its designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi: from butterfly wings to the spots on a leopard.
Crafted like a precious piece of gold jewellery, the cap is adorned with a deep black cabochon engraved with the emblematic double F.

The juice’s surprising lively yellow hue brings modernity and energy to the bottle.

In echo of the FENDI Pergamena ivory colour, the outer box subtly recaptures the bottle’s unique design. Embossed with the FURIOSA FENDI logo on the facing, the box is framed in dramatic black and shining gold.

FURIOSA FENDI Eau de Parfum is proposed in three sizes, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.



A private moment of sensuality, FURIOSA FENDI’s bath & body line takes the notion of bath-time pleasure to new heights. Refined in the extreme, the perfumed shower gel, body lotion and spray deodorant are packaged in graphic semi-transparent white containers, giving a glimpse of the shower gel’s rich golden glow. Capped in brilliant gold their elegant design will adorn any bathroom.

Infused with the wildly sensual notes of FURIOSA FENDI Eau de Parfum, this gel’s creamy golden texture lathers into a light, easy-to-rinse foam on contact with water. Shower or bath time becomes a moment of sheer pleasure, leaving the skin refreshed, clean and delicately fragrant.

This voluptuous body lotion moisturizes, softens and enhances the skin with a radiant satiny veil. Quickly absorbed, it provides skin comfort from morning to night, leaving behind the luxuriously fragrant imprint of FURIOSA FENDI’s sensual and sophisticated perfume.

Providing guaranteed daylong freshness, this spray deodorant leaves a deliciously fragrant aura of FURIOSA FENDI’s wildly sensual perfume on the skin.



A wildly sensuous amber floral woody Eau de Parfum, FURIOSA FENDI is the unforgettable imprint of the quintessential FENDI woman.

Intense, mysterious and luxuriously elegant with a powerful trail, the fragrance was created in tribute to the FENDI woman’s wild yet sophisticated femininity.

It bursts onto the scene with fresh and spicy vegetal accents, giving a glimpse as if by magic of a feline-like scent.The piquant sparkle of Pink Peppercorn, partnered with spirited and lively Bergamot, add timeless freshness to an extravagant floral bouquet.

Under the fatal charms of sweet Gardenia and enhanced by regal and silky Jasmine Absolute, it opens its heart to the Violaciocca Flower. Simultaneously wild, spicy, sensual and warm, this precious and singular floral note rarely reveals itself except when it’s in the mood for seduction.

In the background, vibrant and mysterious Incense adds extra sensuality and spice, abandoning itself to the subtle, smoky and woody notes of Gaïac Wood which signs the fragrance with its natural wildness. Then noble and graceful Amber with its animal-like elegance provides the final touch of richness and depth to set free a haunting, almost carnal scent.

FURIOSA FENDI is a one-of-a-kind perfume, able to leave a sensual and memorable olfactory imprint. A fragrance paying homage to FENDI’s dedication to using only the finest and the rarest of raw materials.