How Much Do We Want to See? Transparency on the Streets

By Marriam Mossalli | How Much Do We Want to See Transparency on the Streets

Once reserved for edgy French editorials and supermodels on their days off, sheer pieces have now made their way to the “real world.” Mullet skirts and crop tops have become the national blogger uniform. Sheer maxi dresses with opaque minis underneath are now a staple in every twenty-something’s wardrobe. And whether it’s mesh, chiffon, or sophisticated Chantilly lace, more is being bared and even more is being accepted as appropriate attire.

Don’t get me wrong, as someone with shawarma thighs, this type of transparency is a godsend. I can appear to be bearing it all, yet still hide under the safety of a sheer silk skirt. Yet I fear that bikini tops under mesh tops will soon become common ground in non-beach communities… and just imagine that horror. Sure, you picture a black & white Kate Moss, looking all sultry in her mesh tank and toned stomach… when the reality is a Wal-Mart’s neon version one a 250-pound woman in a cart!

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service… may just have to include the disclaimer– mesh does not clarify as a shirt. What do you think?