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Lomar Fashion Contest

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Local Award In Support Of Fashion Design

Description of the competition

The Lomar Fashion Contest ( @lomarthobe #Lomarcontest) offers young designers throughout the kingdom the opportunity to participate in a local fashion design competition, which will take place every year. The aim for this event is to keep an eye on talents, to give young designers access to a new media platform, as well as the opportunity for a job offer from well-known brands in the gulf area.

Lomar along with other well known names in Saudi fashion will form part of the jury, which will shortlist the 10 finalists out of the 50 candidates previously selected by the Lomar Committee.

Requirements for the participants:

The Lomar Fashion Contest is open to young fashion designers who satisfy these basic requirements:

  • They are less than 35 years old.
  • They have already marketed their collection (even if only on a small scale). As evidence of this, they could present a copy of a commercial invoice, a letter from a customer verifying that they brought their collection, or a document proving their participation at a local / international trade show.
  • Candidates who have not marketed their collection but have at least 2 years’ experience in the fashion industry, or fashion students may also participate in the competition, as long as they can provide evidence of this.

Registration period

The admission of applications will commence on 21 April 2014 and will end on 31 May 2014. Therefore, the latest date that must be stamped on the letter containing the applications is 31 May 2014.

All candidates should send the required materials and documentation by registered mail to the following address:

Tafaseel International Co.
P.O.Box 122110
Jeddah 21332

Or by email to: fashioncontest@lomar.sa

Materials and documentation

The official languages of the competition are Arabic or English. So all texts submitted by participants must be written in one of these languages. Applications, which do not fulfill all the required information, will not be admitted to the competition. The following documentation can be presented in paper format or email and should not exceed 15 A4 sheets.


1.Application form and support information


2. Evidence of pervious work as a practicing fashion designer.

  • Evidence of having designed one commercial collection: photos, Videos, look book, collection book, or press cutting (copies), or any other solid evidence should be provided.
  • Applicants, who do not have designed collection, should present any evidence of studying fashion or still as student.


3. New design work

  • A draft of 2 outfits of women’s wears, Abaya and evening dress, which they would present for the final of the contest.
  • A signed statement certifying that the designer holds all the rights over the designs presented and that limitation and/or encumbrance on the said right exist.
  • Main Image (required): JPEG format, high-resolution clear action shot, rendering or sketching. Showing the work in preferably white background or a shot with a fashion model.
  • Optional Image 1: JPEG Format, A shot or rendering showing a detailed view of the design or focusing on a unique feature, explosion, layered or sectional views if required.
  • Documentation: PDF format, Max. 4 pages, explaining technical aspects, blueprint, details, commercial presentation or other notes the designer wants to highlight about the design.


Selection Process

Stage 1

The Lomar Committee will shortlist 50 candidates out of the applicants at Stage 1, who will go on to Stage 2

The Lomar Committee is made up of the following persons:

  • The CEO of Lomar.
  • The Creative Director.
  • The head of Design Department
  • The head of Marketing Department.


Stage 2

This time the jury, made up of five representatives; director of fashion design school in Jeddah, editor of fashion magazine, a renowned fashion stylist and a cool hunter, will select 10 finalists from the 50 shortlisted candidates, who will go on to Stage 3 of the contest.


Stage 3

The names of the 10 finalists will be announced through an official Lomar press release, which will be launched in June 2014 (date to be confirmed). Each finalist will create their pieces to be presented at the final ceremony.


Stage 4 – Final stage of the competition.

The finalists will present their pieces during the closing ceremony of the competition. These collections must arrive at Lomar headquarter 15 days prior to the final event. Each look submitted for the competition by the candidate must be accompanied by a high quality photograph of the same look displayed on a mannequin.


The Final Jury, which will select the winner from the 10 finalists, will be made of:

  • Lomar’s Creative director.
  • Cool hunter.
  • The editor of Fashion magazine.
  • A renowned fashion stylist.


The final jury will reach their decision by simple majority. Their deliberation will be secret.



21 April 2014: Launching of Lomar Fashion Contest.

21 April 2014 – 31 May 2014: Registration period.

5 June 2014: Selection of the final 50 candidates by the Lomar Committee.

20 June 2014: Announcement of the 10 finalists.

Sep 2014: Awards Ceremony and presentation of the shortlisted collection.



  • The collection of 10 shortlisted candidates will be exhibited during the final ceremony of the competition.
  • The 10 finalists will have the opportunity to receive a job offer to join the design department of Lomar and more offers from other brands.
  • The final jury will name 3 overall winners, who will receive a customized fashion course in Italy (school to be confirmed) and the others 7 winners will get special discount to join the course
  • Lomar reserve the right to offer the 10 finalists the opportunity to manufacturing and selling their collections partially and / or totally through Lomar store. The fabrics, price range, intellectual and exploitation rights, as well as any other issues, will be discussed and agreed with the designer in accordance with company aims.


Final Ceremony

During the final ceremony the 10 finalist collection will be presented, from which the members of the Final Jury will select the winner.


“It’s important in fashion business to hear young creative voices.
Giving them strength, confidence and attention.”
Abubakr Alkaf – Lomar Marketing Manager

Good Luck!