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I guess all you’ve guys of heard of Rihanna’s standout yellow dress. Or maybe you’ve seen the variations of sheer dresses Queen Bee ,Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez donned. The theme of this year’s Met Gala was China: Through the Looking Glass. The dresses diverged into two categories: either over-the-top or conversely, minimalistic. Rather, the stars drew upon clichéd stereotypes of Chinese culture to find an appropriate outfit. The stars chose to dress in red (an archetypally Chinese color), silk-ish materials, and intricate head adornments, all of which only seemed to emphasize westerner’s superficial knowledge of Chinese culture. Decide for yourself. Displayed below are this year’s Met Gala’s memorable dresses…

shoes and drama | Met gala

Poppy Delevingne Highlighting her model stare in her blossoming Marchesa dress. honey you do realize that poppies were used for heroin in china right?



shoes and drama | Met Drama

I see someone’s trying to pull of the infamous Angelina Jolie peek-a-boo leg. Irina Shayk smiles in her Versace Atelier dress.


shoes and drama | Met Gala

Zendaya shines bright in her Fausto Puglisi dress.


shoes and drama | Met gala hidden treasures

Jessica Hart camouflages in her figuring hugging valentine dress.


shoes and drama | Met gala hidden treasures

I really don’t know how this had anything to do with the theme either way Karen Elson looks stunning in Dolce and Gabbana .


????? ??? ????? | Met gala hidden treasures

Joan Smalls royally stuns in her Roberto Cavalli lace one sleeved dress.


????? ??? ????? | Met gala hidden treasures

With her make-up and pose on point , Rita Ora’s Tom Ford dress fits her like a glove on the red carpet. Exemplifying the theme of China: Through the Looking Glass. At least someone got it right!


shoes and drama | et gala

Solange brought something different to this year’s Met Gala in her Giles dress, but come on who wants to come to the Met Gala dressed as a satellite? Are you getting reception?