Nuqat Media Collaboration+: EXECUTING CULTURE SHOCK

Nuqat, a creative consortium involved in bridging all creative disciplines. NUQAT kicked off in May 2009 in Kuwait with 3 speakers under the theme “Nuqat Ala Al Huroof” (meaning dots on the letters). In October 2010, Nuqat launched its first full conference, under the theme “Visual Pollution in the Arab World”, for 5 days with more than 13 speakers on board. October’s success gave Nuqat momentum for a series of workshops, events, awards and invitations from several renowned companies and organizers. As a result the Nuqat team have decided to hold their largest ever consortium in 2012, hosted in two Arab cities, with Dubai as a main launch pad. NUQAT gathered a crowd of over 400 creatives from different disciplines (graphic design, architecture, interior, fashion, jewelry, image making….) The consortium followed with great success in Kuwait exceeding expectations.

nuqat - executing culture shock

This year, will be holding a conference to take place in Kuwait from November 7th-12th 2013. The topic will be introduced at the conference held in Kuwait, and we plan to carry the experience to Jeddah (feb) and other cities. Lectures will be held from November 7th – 9th in AlAmericani Museum – Dar Al Athar Al Isalmiya. The workshops will be held from November 10th – 12th in The Sadu House

The purpose for this year’s conference is to challenge and examine the experience of cultural change and its affect on creative individuals in the region. Nuqat 2013 will explore the role of designers and artists in the field and look into the creative execution and production of cultural change.

The Arab culture is experiencing radical changes everyday that can be observed and measured, as well as conventional norms that are being challenged, interrupted and questioned. Such changes are triggered by environmental, socio-political, and economic factors. Creativity, cooperation and innovation are ideal mediums to utilize change into a productive organ.
During Nuqat 2013, speakers will present their reactions to the above-mentioned factors through socially conscious design, the celebration of culture, social experience, dissection and intervention. Participants will engage in powerful discussions and experience new perspectives that may question existing norms and invent new methods of adaptation, thus executing multiple representations of culture shock.

As a reaction to culture shock, Arab designers and creatives are developing a positive approach and new habits to confront our ever-changing culture with empathy and criticism.