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Ted Baker KSA

Quick Beauty Hacks

1. Toothpaste

shoes and drama Toothpaste can be used to whiten nails. Just brush them the same way you’d brush your teeth!

2. Toilet Paper

shoes and drama Toilet paper may seem like an unappealing item to carry around, but keeping a few squares of it in your purse comes in handy as a replacement for blotting paper.

3. Honey

hony Honey is a great way to moisturize your skin if it’s sensitive. Applying a couple tablespoons on your skin for 10 minutes should go a long way!

4. Nail Polish

Picture3 You know how thread in the center of buttons may loosen sometimes? Isn’t it annoying as hell? Well, fear not, with just a little bit of clear nail polish on there you can secure it from getting loose!!

5. Flat Iron

Picture4 Ironing is not anyone’s favorite chore, let alone trying to iron small spaces between buttons on a shirt or something. This is when a flat iron comes in as a clever alternative.

6. Tape

Picture5 Clear tape has saved many a generation over and over again – serving as a guide for winged eyeliner or cat-eye eyeshadow.

7. Vaseline

Picture6 New shoes? In fear of horrible blisters? Just dab on a little bit of Vaseline before rocking on your new babies!

8. Yogurt

Picture7 Yogurt can help sooth burns and cool them down. Don’t deny it, we’ve all burned ourselves while straightening or curling our hair. Pretty hurts, people!

9. Hair Conditioner

Picture8 That moment when you reach for the shaving gel to shave your legs for tonight’s big event, and the cream is finished. Hair conditioner is the perfect alternative!

10. Spoon

Picture9 Lost your eyelash curler? A spoon works just as well!