Suma Collection: Azza Fahmy's Latest Pieces of Art

Mariam Khafagy


By Mariam Khafagy | Azza Fahmy Suma Collection

Suma Collar from the Azza Fahmy ‘Suma’ Collection

When we heard that the great Umm Kulthoum inspired Azza Fahmy’s latest collection, we were sure it would be to die for. Fahmy did not disappoint with this collection of 18-carat gold and sterling silver statement pieces such as bangles, rings, neckpieces, and earrings.

The “Suma” Collection, named after the singer’s most commonly used nickname, comprises of pieces reflecting the legend’s persona as well as her own jewels. Of course, Azza Fahmy’s signature style is evident throughout the collection. The combination of Fahmy’s traditional techniques and the lyrics from the classic Egyptian songs give the collection a beautifully nostalgic feel.

There are so many things we love about this collection (beyond the expected incredible detailing and craftsmanship). Firstly, it’s hard for anyone who grew up listening to Um Kalthoum (or being forced to by his or her parents) not to smile when reading the lyrics Fahmy chose to work with. Also, who doesn’t love a tribute collection? Especially when it’s a tribute to the woman who became known as “Egypt’s Fourth Pyramid”. This list could go on forever, but the final thing we absolutely adore is that Fahmy did not only pay tribute to Um Kalthoum, but also to the writers and composers who created the songs she performed. An engraving on each piece indicates the writer and composer of the song and the year it was performed.

Like all of Azza Fahmy’s jewelry, the “Suma” collection will definitely give you the feeling you’re wearing a miniature piece of art, but these pieces also add a little bit of cultural history.

The collection is now available in Azza Fahmy boutiques throughout the Middle East and online at

The ‘Suma Collection’ Part 1 is also available at the Fine Jewellery & Watches Department, Ground Floor, Bloomingdale’s-Dubai, The Dubai Mall.