The single girl's 5-step guide to getting a boyfriend -
Ted Baker KSA

The single girl’s 5-step guide to getting a boyfriend | The lazy girl's guide to getting a boyfriend

It’s hard out there for a badass single girl. We’re busy! We have big jobs and very little time, so our dating lives can be somewhat nonexistent. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with five effortless steps to bagging that hottie with a body.

Step 1. Send out a mass text.
Okay, so it doesn’t exactly have to be a text, but the easiest way to get the word out that you’re single (and looking) is by letting everyone know. Friends, family, co-workers—they all have to know someone, who knows someone, who would be willing to buy you dinner and compliment your eyes.

Send out a mass text

Step 2. Reap the rewards of social media stalking from your couch.
We all do it—a little click here, an unintentional “Like” there. You can learn so much from a dude’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. And you don’t have to take off your leopard-print Slippers by Snooki to do it. Thanks to relationship status updates and photos that chronicle the friends and lives of our peers, it’s easier than ever to set your sights on a guy and accidently (read: on purpose) run into him.

Reap the rewards of social media stalking from your couch

Step 3. Dating in the workplace can be successful.
There’s nothing lazier than finding a relationship in places that you frequent. Scope out your office (unless HR bans it, because you NEED your job), your neighbors, and that cute bartender at your local watering hole. Actually, been there. Proceed with caution re: bartenders.

Dating in the workplace can be successful

Step 4. Join Tinder ( @Tinder ). #SorryNotSorry
If you’re looking for convenience, look no further. Tinder is actually fun to use—scrolling through guys all day and choosing whether they are hot or not? Yes, please. The app links you with men in close proximity, and doesn’t allow suitors to message you unless you’ve been matched. No more creepers.

Join Tinder

Step 5. If all else fails, wear this:

If all else fails, wear this t-shirt
By Hallie Gould on Marie Claire