This season there is a shift in the Victoria, Victoria Beckham girl. She is no longer
overtly feminine but has a new androgynous feel. She’s put together yet stripped back –
technical fabric developments and hidden construction details are deceptively simple.

Boy meets girl as masculine tailoring elements sit within a utilitarian uniform mood while
a modern take on materials such as sequins set under laser cut overlays set a playful
tone. It is the use of new fabrics such as the treated wool named tech poodle, and
compact jersey that intensify the experimental feel that underlies the collection.

In the quest for the ultimate nonchalant chic, top and skirt combinations feature hidden
vests that ensure a perfect fit and fall of a dress, while in other styles volumes are
cinched and fabrics are bonded to offer shine and contrast within perfect silhouettes.
Monochrome black and white, grey and navy feature heavily while berry colours,
and copper lift the palette.

I feel like the Victoria, Victoria Beckham girl this season is an engaged intellectual with
a sense of humour. She can wear anything with aplomb yet she chooses the simplicity of
a dress. She marches rather than walks, she drinks espresso, and she devours books and
art and film. And she is subversively sexy without trying. I’d like to meet her…

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham AW13-14 Runway & Accessories


STYLIST Camille Bidault-Waddington
HAIR Anthony Turner for L’Oréal Professionnel
MAKE-UP Lucia Pica for MAC Cosmetics
PRODUCTION Eyesight Fashion & Luxury Events
CASTING Russell Marsh
ART DIRECTION, SET & LIGHTING DESIGN Thierry Dreyfus, Eyesight Fashion & Luxury Events
MUSIC Frederic Sanchez
MANICURIST Michelle Class for Elegant Touch
HANDBAGS Victoria Beckham
FOOTWEAR Walter Steiger