VisaPure: The Insistence of Purifying and Luminous Skin

By Zena Sari
Skin appearance is a source of beauty and a reflection of inner health.

Radiance is measured by the preservation of the skin you are in. Philips has harnessed the secret of simple skin cleansing to produce VisaPure; a super skin cleanser that exfoliates and improves microcirculation for more radiant skin.



philips visapureThe synchronized dual motion technology vertically vibrates the brush which gently removes dead skin and dirt, while the rotating movement leaves skin feeling stimulated and radiant. This will improve the absorption of skin care product as well as significantly inhibit black and white heads from appearing.

You bet I tried and tested the product, and although I have supremely opted for the lazy and effective skincare routine, this device doubles as a cleanser and exfoliant. The ultimate multi-tasking of VisaPure gadget I did find appealing, leaving my skin tickled and baby-butt soft.

It won’t perform miracles; reduce wrinkles or make you appear 10 years younger, but if you are in tune for a new beauty gadget, VisaPure has effortlessly merged as a supercharged device.

Features a one minute timer; it pauses every 20 seconds to indicate the need to move to a different skin zone. When one minute has passed, the device automatically switches off to prevent over  treatment.  Waterproof, it can also be used in the shower.


Philips VisaPure head brushes are made of soft and silky bristles for everyday use and an exfoliating Brush Head for a deeper cleanse.

There are two different speed settings, gentle cleansing and deep cleansing settings, so you can adjust it according to your preference.

VisaPure can be found in Boots Pharmacy and La Fayette in UAE and soon to be announced in KSA.