What it's like #inthehood (Review)

Mariam Khafagy


By Mariam Khafagy


After much anticipation, S*uce In the Hood finally had its launch party last week!

Sauce in the Hood graffiti art by SYA!

S*uce in the Hood #graffiti #art by SYA! #InTheHood

The new addition to the S*uce family is S*uce in the Hood, located in Dubai‘s newest hot spot (at least until the weather heats up again) City Walk! The new store focuses on casual, everyday, or “whatever wear”, as the S*ucy ladies like to put it. Designers such as Filles a Papa, DCO ( @Dcofashion ), Mar Mar, and TNTees by Tata Naka ( @TataNaka_TN ) are featured in the store.

The launch featured music by Dj 50Fils as well as graffiti art by Dubai-based artist Sya. Beyond the break dancing, proper ghetto-ness was ensured by guiding guests who weren’t dressed appropriately to a station where they got to pick out bandanas and bling. Let’s just say that not all of the guests really knew how to embrace the ghetto fab…

The store is definitely one to check out though. You’re bound to find something to rock on your downtime from funky tees so gorgeous statement necklaces and even to some pretty cool phone covers!