Pristine Pouted Lips – Defining the Cupid’s Bow -
Ted Baker KSA

Pristine Pouted Lips – Defining the Cupid’s Bow

By Jado Arly


The Perfect Pout!

The Perfect Pout!


Defining the Cupid’s bow can get a cheap viagra 100mg bit messy, so today I will break down my two different ways to lip line pouts perfectly every time, error free!


After years of experience, I have come to realize that your hand is able to draw lines and shapes uniformly if you follow a certain formula. One example of that is your signature; you can always scribble the same signature if you set your posture and angles correctly.

Lip liners are not much different to writing your signature if you draw ‘One Way’ –  Let me explain… for a rounder shape, my hand draws the same curves if I go counter-clockwise. So when I begin to draw the Cupid’s bow, I draw two curves in one direction and my hand never fails me. For an angular bow, I draw clockwise.

Try it and let me know your comments!







Jado Arly

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