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Update: Kering Ordered To Pay Hedi Slimane Dhs53.1 Million


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Saint Laurent’s parent company has been ordered to abide by the non-compete clause that was previously lifted

Update: Kering has been ordered to pay former Saint Laurent creative director, Hedi Slimane Dhs53.1 million. This comes as a result of Slimane’s legal application to have the non-compete clause in his contract honoured.

When Slimane left Saint Laurent, Kering lifted the commonly applied non-compete clause – which prevents an employee from working for competitor brands after leaving –  and, consequently, the financial sum that would go with it. Slimane then requested to have this reinstated in his contract so that he would receive the financial contribution.

“The decision that was just made public is an interim decision,” the company announced in a statement. “Kering intends to appeal the decision. The procedure is still going on.”

Original article (23/06): The former Yves Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane has launched a lawsuit against his former employer, Kering, just two months after his departure as creative director of the fashion house.

Reuters reported that the dispute concerned the non-compete clause in his contract –which Kering lifted when he left – meaning that Slimane was permitted to work for other fashion brands with immediate effect.

However, the French designer wants the commonly applied clause (which financially takes care of former employees) reinstated.?

“Kering lifted this clause at the end of Hedi Slimane’s contract, thus freeing him from this potential constraint,” the company said in a statement.

“Hedi Slimane is requesting that this clause be applied still, along with the effective payment of the financial compensation that goes with it.”?

Kering said the disagreement does not alter the group’s recognition for Slimane’s contribution, noting that he reformed the fashion house during his four-year tenure as creative director.?

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