How To Choose The Right Blonde For Your Skin Tone -
Ted Baker KSA

How To Choose The Right Blonde For Your Skin Tone



We all want to have a perfect shade of blonde hair every time we go out and flip it like’s there’s no tomorrow, But sometimes it’s not the reality that is happening to our crowning glory, just like Chloe Kardashian’s hair that no matter how hard you try to re-color it you just cannot have everything you want..


A more predictable approach than a hairstyle try-on app

If you’re a brunette and wondering if blondes really do have more fun, there’s a lot to consider before making the jump to being a fair-haired sister. Not least, what shade of blonde will actually be flattering on your skin tone. Apps that wrap cartoonish wigs around your face are fun, but they’re not exactly a hard-science means of determining how you’ll look with blonde hair in the real world. Luckily, the answer of whether or not you can pull off a lighter colour is simple: yes. “It’s only a matter of finding the blonde that complements your personal colour palette, i.e. your skin’s overtones and undertones,” says celebrity colourist Daniel Moon, whose clients include Madonna, Kylie Jenner and Nicole Richie. Below, Moon’s guide to choosing the right shade for your skin.

If you’re pale…“Platinum, whether it’s cool, ashy, creamy or pearly, is always a showstopper,” he says, but keep in mind that it’s the most demanding in terms of visible regrowth and it requires lots of deep conditioning and protection. “You can also wear multidimensional golden highlights with platinum, honey and gold silhouettes and if you want to go dark blonde, think in terms of sandy, beige colours.”

If you’re medium/olive/gold-toned…“Medium skin is like the oval face shape, meaning you can wear just about anything—platinum, honey, ash and strobe-light blonde. Most of my Asian clients fall into this category and they can pull off an all-over buttery blonde or a bone white colour effortlessly. Strobe highlights of cream around the face paired with honey highlights throughout the rest is beautiful.”

If you’re dark…”Opt for more of a beige tone highlight; too much ash can drag your complexion down. The bleach blonde look is attainable as well, but think honey and caramel tones as your base, then add creamy strobe highlights for added dimension.”

As for your brows, Moon insists it’s not necessary that they join in on the colour action: “Having a bold brow defines the face and can give your blonde look more of an edge by bringing out your eyes and giving you more make-up options.”