1-    Hedi Slimane vs Saint Laurent:

The battle between Slimane and Saint Laurent, the news that made us gasps over and over again! From a filed lawsuit of 13 Million US $ over a contract dispute to winning the case, Hedi Slimane gave us the juiciest drama of them all! As if 13 Million wasn’t enough the former  Creative Director for the French house claimed another 10 million stating that his contract terms were not respected, as he owns a minority of the Saint Laurent brand.

Hedi Slimane-  (Photo by Yves Saint Laurent via Getty Images)

Hedi Slimane- (Photo by Yves Saint Laurent via Getty Images)

2-    Zara 5 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Zara is known for having your favorite trends from the runway at a much lower price, but we’ve learned the hard way that sometimes it’s better to avoid Zara altogether. We all expect for the quality of the materials to be mediocre and even critical at times, honestly that should be enough to shop elsewhere! But a dead rat sewn into your coat….we still have no words…except we too, would fill for a 5 Million Lawsuit!

Zara rodent Lawsuit

3-    Vogue vs Bloggers

Bloggers think they’re celebrities and Vogue editors find it rather annoying to say the least! After having enough of fashion week’s fiasco Vogue editors, questioned bloggers attendance to fashion shows and some bloggers were quick to respond! Although some of the reasons were valid (bloggers changing head-to-toe, and getting paid every hour to wear a different outfit), editors often forget that bloggers have become critics themselves.


4-    Sophie Theallet vs Melania Trump

The moment Donald Trump was named the President-Elect of the United States, the fashion designer Sophie Theallet who has dressed the former first lady Michelle Obama, announced via a letter that she would not dress Melania Trump. She urged her fellow designers to take a stand and do the same. But most took some time to address the situation.

Sophie Theallet

5-    Kanye West Yezzy 4 Fashion Show

Just like Kanye West, Yezzy Season 4 was a complete disaster as the designer didn’t think his concept through. A few models passed out, felt dizzy because of the sun, and shoes come off the runway…Simply because, Kanye didn’t start the show on time, and didn’t think of the effect the heat would have on his models.

Kanye Fashion Show