Biolite Clinic: Our very own fountain of youth -
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Biolite Clinic: Our very own fountain of youth

By Marriam N Mossalli

After having the Placenta Diamond Facial, I look in the mirror and it’s like the past five days haven’t been filled with fashion show after fashion show, and the past four nights weren’t spent awake reporting back to the Arab News main office. Instead, I look fresh faced and well rested. This must be a trick, I think to myself. Or at the very least, they must just have very good lighting here.
I leave Biolite, a small, chic aesthetic clinic located in the heart of Dubai’s Healthcare City, still unconvinced by my reflection. I head over to my first meeting (of many meetings) of the day and it’s then that my colleague immediately asks me what I did to look so “great” and “glowing.” Ignoring the insinuation that I usually look dull and overworked, I accept the compliment and the hour slowly passes. At my next meeting, I get the same reaction, and then a similar compliment at the one after that. In fact, upon my arrival back in Jeddah, even my editors found it difficult to believe that I had been busy working 15-hour days in Dubai because I looked way too well rested.
I don’t believe in miracle cures, despite how much I’d love to. Yet, after leaving Dr. Mona Mirza’s office at Biolite Clinic, I have to admit: I’m sold. Biolite is like a hidden oasis bountiful with exclusive elixirs of youth — the ones Madonna, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria all swear by.
It’s no wonder women from the neighboring Gulf countries fly to Dubai for a few hours just to get their monthly dosage from this modern-day fountain of youth. “We combine treatments for these clients, so that they can return four weeks later for their next session,” reveals Clinic Director, Dr. Mona. The results are instantaneous and unlike most, they actually last.
Dr. Mona took time between consultations to answer some general questions on skin care and the exclusive treatments offered at Biolite Clinic, including the miraculous Placenta Facial.

The Ematrix and the Placenta Facial are our most popular treatments. The Ematrix is a new technology, which uses bipolar radio frequencies and can be used on all skin types without the side effects of laser like hyper or hypo pigmentation. The treatment has three amazing benefits: skin firming/lifting, acne scar reduction and skin resurfacing for pigmentation and sun damage. Traditionally, one would have to wait six months to a year to see results of tightening with previous technology; however, with Ematrix the results are visible from the very first session and continue to improve long afterward.

The Placenta Facial incorporates pro-collagen 3, which is present in humans, from birth to age 10. Once the extract is applied to the skin, it creates a long lasting and rejuvenating effect on the cells. The human placenta is most effective, as it is biologically identical to our own cells, allowing the propagation of renewal and healing. It also nourishes, heals and rejuvenates the skin, and the results are visible from the first treatment.
The placenta is from Russia and the extraction, sterilization and compounding is done in top laboratory facilities in Switzerland. It is then sent to California where it is formulated into creams, serums, masks, etc. There is an entire range of placenta products, including a hand cream.

Yes, it’s our duty to inform clients what it contains and the choice is a personal one. However, that number is very little compared to those who are taking the treatment.

Men are increasingly conscious of their looks and general grooming. As a result, we are seeing an increase in our body contouring, hair removal, skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatments. Sisters bring their brothers and wives bring their husbands. There’s less of a taboo around a well-groomed man.

Many people consider Botox to be the answer to anti-aging when frankly it is not. It temporarily freezes muscles so that the skin looks tight and wrinkles disappear, however this is only until the effect lasts, then the skin relaxes back to its natural state. My recommendation is to invest in your own skin/collagen so that you won’t have to resort to Botox or fillers. The Ematrix is one such treatment, and when combined with other treatments, the results are genuinely outstanding.

Good skin and anti-aging begins from within. While treatments and products are there, it is essential to eat, drink and sleep well. Most women who diet suffer from skin issues as well as hair loss, due to a loss of essential vitamins and nutrients in their body. The immune system weakens causing the skin to break down. Two liters of water, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, plus a minimum of eight hours of sleep a day will help heal the skin and body.

“Prevention” is the big word in anti-aging! Start in your late 20s to use the right skincare products and make regular trips to a medical aesthetician at a medspa for regular checks. Facial treatments become necessary at this stage, ranging form exfoliation of the dead skin cells to boosting the skin with vitamins to keep it healthy. By the late 20s, the collagen rejuvenation begins to decline, hence it’s at this stage one should keep it propped up with collagen rejuvenating facials — I recommend the IPL photofacial as a treatment.

It all depends on the age of the individual. We suggest treating older skin, which may need extra work on a regular basis, every two weeks for the first two months and then allowing a longer period of time between future treatments. However, if you are just looking to get into the prevention mode, I suggest a good treatment every 4-6 weeks.

From what our clients tell us, it’s our attention to detail and thoroughness when treating matters of the skin. If we cannot give the client a result she is expecting, we often tell them. Honesty is the best policy. Furthermore, our strength in combining treatments without compromising the skin’s safety is possibly one of biggest strengths. We are very result-driven, yet always tend to remain cautious and will not proceed with any treatment, which could cause long-term complications. I also like to source the best treatments and am careful about the technologies and treatments I bring to Biolite — I only procure them after I am completely confident that they work.

We carry our own line of Cosmeceuticals skin care products, formulated at a laboratory in California, which also produces personalized skin care ranges from top dermatologists. As the molecule of a Cosmeceutical is much smaller than off-the-counter skin care, the ingredients and its effects penetrate immediately, giving results within a matter of days as opposed to weeks. We also carry the placenta range from the US, which is also very popular with Hollywood stars and top dermatologists in Beverly Hills.

The skin has three layers and each layer has a specific function. In order to maximize the anti-aging process, all three layers need to be treated. At Biolite, we aim to treat all three layers depending on our clients’ needs and put into place a suitable program for clients to gain maximum benefit. The results speak for themselves!

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