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Fashion Forward Dubai 2014 (Part 1)

Grazia Emerging Designer: Arwa Alammari of ArAm Designs

Feminine lace and soft pastels elegantly graced the ArAm Designs runway. Saudi designer Arwa Alammari’s collection may have been under the headline of “emerging,” but the designer showed that she too can create just as confidentially as the veterans of Dubai’s burgeoning fashion scene. Her flawlessly tailored caplets and jackets complimented the billowing, chiffon shirts that dressed every model as she strutted down the runway. A true representation of a classy, contemporary woman, ArAm Designs (@aram_designs/Instagram) is made for the female who is confident with her chic conservatism and celebratory in her femininity. 

Tahir Sultan

While EL James’ Fifty Shades of Grey may have been referenced as inspiration, the collection shown on the runway was quintessential Tahir Sultan ( @tahirsultan ). Classic, comfortable, and modern, Sultan created the ultimate wardrobe for the neo-nomad– the jetsetter who needs to look fresh and contemporary no matter what country she happens to be in that day of the week. There is no grey area in saying that every piece in Tahir Sultan’s collection is a must have; from the open V-neck dresses to Galliano-esque coats that tie at the waist and have pockets, Tahir Sultan was a personal favorite for us at Shoesanddrama.com!

Zayan The Label

Zayan the Label ( @ZayanTheLabel ) is your perfect wardrobe for the “IT” girl in high school! From Sixteen Candles proms to Grease slumber parties, we couldn’t fight the nostalgia with designer Zayan Ghandour and her “Pink Ladies” collection of cute pajamas and edgy motorcycle jackets! A muted Betsy Johnson palette, but with all the fun and spirit, Zayan the Label is a perfect label to incite rival jealousy as you walk down the halls of your school!

Amato By Furne One - Fashion Forward Dubai April 2014:

Bold colors, trendsetting headpieces, and wearable works of art. Do we expect any less from Furne One ( @furneone1 )? A veteran in the Dubai fashion scene, Amato’s shows have become almost as anticipated as the clothes themselves. Colors ranged from ruby red and emerald green, to dark sapphire and gold; Furne’s signature detailing was the real gem. Every piece in the collection could be visualized on a star, which isn’t a far leap considering Amato ( @AMATOhautecouture  ) has already dressed the likes of Katy Perry, Nikki Manaj, and Beyonce! This extremely talented designer reminds us how fashion is not something merely superficial, but rather, art that should be studied and contemplated; this is yet another collection not to be forgotten and to surely be seen on a red carpet!
Photos by Getty Images.