Femi9 supports women through ‘The Pink Envelope’ initiative

ShoesandDrama.com | Femi9 supports women through 'The Pink Envelope' initiative

JeddahFemi9 recently launched “The Pink Envelope” initiative in Park Hyatt Hotel, through the exclusive ladies’ event ‘femi9 Cares’. This year, femi9’s participation in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes with a proactive approach, encouraging women to adopt healthy lifestyles through which risks of potential illnesses, such as breast cancer, are reduced.

The Pink Envelope” is the primary tool in the campaign; it is the means to spread the core message of this year’s initiative.  Women are receiving special envelopes with their femi9 purchases, through which they can play a role in supporting the cause and raising awareness for it.  The initiative is continuing throughout October, in correspondence with the internationally recognized Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The ‘femi9 Cares’ Launch event was attended by inspiring women in the healthcare field and women who ‘care’ for the cause.  The evening consisted of distinguished speakers including: Dr. Suzan Al Kaf from Al Mashfa Hospital, Dr. Soha Al Qas, certified Nutritionist and Ms. Reem Al Bakri, fitness trainer and operations manager at Gold’s Gym.

The session started with Dr. Suzan Al Kaf, an OBS/GYN Consultant in Al Mashfa Hospital and an Assistant Professor in King Abdul-Aziz University.  Dr. Al Kaf shared with the audience factual information about breast cancer, correcting some myths that are not scientifically proven.  She also addressed the importance of having regular health checkups and encouraged healthy living by saying, “Having a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly are the best ways to help prevent illnesses”.

The second speaker was Dr. Soha Al Qas, nutrition specialist and a previous employee in Gold’s Gym.  She spoke of healthy foods that help boost the immune system such as cauliflower, garlic, onion, and leafy green vegetables.  Dr. Al Qas focused on the importance of vegetables as part of a healthy diet, “Including high amounts of vegetables in your diet will give your body the necessary resistance and protection considering their significant nutritional value.”

The last speaker of the evening was Reem Al Bakri, an internationally accredited trainer, who has spent more than 4 years at Gold’s Gym focusing on promoting health and wellness of women. Ms. Al Bakri said that the best workout plan you can do is to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week.  She ended her speech by stating, “When it comes to exercise, there is no difference in age or gender, so get up and get active!”

The event continued with a Q&A session with the three speakers, after which the raffle winners were announced.  Six lucky attendees were chosen through a draw, winning various cause-relevant prizes including:  a Grand prize for a full health check-up from Al Mashfa Hospital, one-month all inclusive membership from Planet Beach, VIP memberships from Gold’s gym and gift vouchers from femi9.

Towards the event closure, attendees were asked to write a special message, a tip, or a resolution correlating with health and wellness. These notes were then tied to pink balloons that were all beautifully released into the skies over the Red Sea commencing the launch of the femi9 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Mr. Eyad Mashat, CEO of femi9 expressed his gratitude for all the attendees and specially thanked “Al-Mashfa hospital”, “Gold’s Gym”, “Planet Beach” and “Jeddah Beauty Blog” for their remarkable support in this campaign.