Femi9 supports women through ‘The Pink Envelope’ initiative

ShoesandDrama.com | Femi9 supports women through 'The Pink Envelope' initiative

Jeddah – Femi9 recently launched “The Pink Envelope” initiative in Park Hyatt Hotel, through the exclusive ladies’ event ‘femi9 Cares’. This year, femi9’s participation in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes with a proactive approach, encouraging women to adopt healthy lifestyles through which risks of potential illnesses, such as breast cancer, are reduced.

“The [...]

'Wadjda' is Saudi Arabia's first nominee for foreign-language Oscar

Wadjda is Saudi Arabias first nominee for foreign-language Oscar

From LA Times:


Scene from the movie ‘Wadjda.’ Waad Mohammed plays Wadjda. (Tobias Kownatzki / Sony Pictures Classics / September 12, 2013)


Haifaa Al Mansour’s drama “Wadjda,” about a young girl determined to win money to buy a bicycle she’s forbidden to ride, has buy viagra 25mg been selected as Saudi Arabia’s [...]

Back 1900-1918


By Maria Guzman

The period from the turn of the twentieth century to the end of World War I (1914–18) was one of great transition in the world of fashion. Not only did styles for women undergo a dramatic shift in their basic silhouette, or shape, but the very system through which new styles were introduced and [...]