Harrods' Huge Handbags

Edited by Dawn Wood


The window displays of Harrods have recently become an even bigger talking point than usual as they have been graced with gigantically-scaled designer handbags. The larger than life designer handbags were put up on display to launch this luxury department store’s generic for viagra new Handbag Narratives campaign.

Some of the promotional display’s highlights include: a Mulberry Willow bag which you could hide in; a Chloé bag the size of a climbing frame and a cow-print Fendi bag you could sit on. The bags took center stage in the windows of Harrods on July 8th for in preparation for the store’s Handbag Narratives campaign.

The project puts the spotlight on the store’s vast expansion of its accessories space over the past year, and sees 20 leading brands contribute to the campaign with exclusive, limited-edition pieces.

A pop-up space on the ground floor makes it easy to shop for the limited-edition offerings, where you’ll also find a ‘Say Fromage’ photo booth which will instantly make you look like the Harrods magazine cover star.

So which bag is your favorite? Here at Shoes and Drama, we love all four!


The Chloé installation


The Mulberry Willow installaton


The Loewe installation


The Fendi installation